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by tom44 on November 23, 2012

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***Please only people that have been in this situation and or know first-hand, thanks***
Like the headliner says, I am a single mother ready to relocate to another state. I have been in MN my whole life, and I am ready to say GOODBYE! I am looking for a nice CITY to raise young children in. Family friendly, safe (low crime rate), doesn’t get as cold as MN, great education, cost of living is not too bad, jobs, and a lot of things to see and do.

Do you have kids and just love the city you live in?

States I have been looking at (but I am open to others) are…

Arizona (Just don’t know if I can handle the heat)
South Carolina
North Carolina

***Would really love to hear from single mothers who have made this same transition and loves every minute of the decision they made***

***Please name a city in which the state you are suggesting.*** Thanks again 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Aoasha H
You should live in Alabama, that’s where i reside, we have low crime rate, we have wonderful schools, and homes are on the cheap side, a nice sports town is auburn, Home of the tigers,

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  1. Kymblee Aych- Aych says:

    I am going to take the time to answer this sincerely because I was pregnant and single and living in Minnesota when I chose to move to Washington state- it’s a very, very long drive though. So if you plan to go back to visit family, you might want to be closer. There are 2 sides to Washington state- the west, which is green and gorgeous and rainy, and the east which is wheat country, hills, farmland and closer to “normal” -4 seasons -but the summers are much hotter than MN and the winters much milder.
    I chose Washington because it is beautiful (if you haven’t ever, you won’t believe it when you see mountains and ocean for the first time- WOW), but mostly because the economy is much better (the cost of living IS also much higher, so be prepared with more money to start out that you think, however you’d be making more money too). I didn’t move down south because the economy there isn’t better than MN and in some cases worse. The minimum wage in WA state is $ 8.67. Most jobs pay more than that, at least 9.00 per hour for non-professionals. There are always jobs for people willing to work hard (as most Minnesotans are very hard workers, none of the people I know from MN who have moved here have ever had trouble finding a job) and if you are in the health field like a CNA or nurse, there’s literally tons of jobs to choose from.
    I got a job within one week of moving here.
    weather- There is a cool “winter” here, but nothing- NOTHING like Minnesota. You could get away with a warm sweatshirt and gloves if you’re close to the coast. The only thing I had trouble getting used to was the gray skies all winter long- in MN even in the middle of winter, there’s sunshine. I miss the sun. The heat in eastern WA in the summer is BLAZING, that took some getting used to, also. But western WA is temperate with plenty of rain and green green all the time.
    The cities near the coast- Seattle and Portland (Oregon is a very close neighbor) are friendly, clean and beautiful. I feel safe enough in my mid-sized city that I always allowed kids to ride bikes freely and go where they want, as long as they check in.
    The education here is average in my opinion, but if I might be frank, I believe this has a lot more to do with parents than with schools- the schools give your kinds the building blocks and if you are a parent who encourages them and pushes education as very important- they’re going to excel, as my kids have done. I don’t think there’s anywhere in the US that a kid cannot succeed if they have encouraging parents.
    There are tons of things to do and see in Washington- in every direction the terrain changes, so you have farming country, to almost desert (they call it high desert here), to mountains, to ocean. if you like the outdoors, you’d love Washington. there is virtually anything you can imagine doing available to do here.
    Hope that helps in your process- I wish you the very best of luck wherever you go!

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