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Should unemployed people be forced to move to where the jobs are before they qualify for handouts?

by tom44 on April 1, 2013

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Question by Proud Texan: Should unemployed people be forced to move to where the jobs are before they qualify for handouts?
Every business I have been in over the last few weeks has a help wanted sign in the window yet people are complaining about no jobs. If there are no jobs where you live move. I am from a small town in Texas but moved to New Orleans for my first job then I moved to Boston for my second job. When I retired I lived in Canada for 5 years before returning to Texas.

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Answer by subwm4bush
Only if you pay the costs.

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17 thoughts on “Should unemployed people be forced to move to where the jobs are before they qualify for handouts?

  1. Golden says:

    like that worked for the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. ever hear of the killing fields?

  2. Ron R says:

    most liberals don’t want jobs……a few conservatives don’t either, but in all americans are becoming lazy and dependent on the government and the dems are pushing for it….

  3. god says:

    Everybody I know in Texas is gainfully employed. And if I happen to run into somebody complaining that they can’t find a job I’ll hire them on the spot. I don’t hire illegals though, even if they are friends of mine. They know not to even ask.

  4. Diablo Blanco says:

    Boston? Canada? Oh… that explains your dementia…

    But to answer your question, if they were forced to pay into an “unemployment” fund, then they should see a return on the money. Beyond that, there should be no hand-outs. And no, they should not be forced (tyrannical much?) to move; although, I will admit it would make sense to go where the work is if you need a job.

  5. Joel W says:

    The mobility of the illegal aliens is one reason they have the jobs and the American People do not. You watch construction workers come into a place, and one to the next, the cost of the flea dump motel doubles and triples. If there were some way to get the American Workers to the site and in a place to live that didn’t try and cheat them to death, or provide them bed bugs in their sheets.. it would be nice to pay American to go where the jobs are.

    Now consider the families. We have a problem and the illegal aliens are making it much worse. I Truly don’t see a way to deal with it either.

  6. tybalt says:

    sure Job seekers now outnumber openings six to one, the worst ratio since the government began tracking….”

  7. Bug says:

    Yeah, brilliant idea there.

    Who is going to pay for those people to move their families to “where the jobs are”? Because obviously, if they don’t have jobs, they don’t have money, therefore they can’t afford to move.

    And what is the threshold of salary of the job that people should be “forced” to move for? Minimum wage, or $ 75K?

    And if we “force” people to move for a job, does that also guarantee a job for their spouse?

    Not even close there, sparky.


  8. Cubby says:

    at their own expense, yes. they should also build new roads, dams and other infrastructure projects for their handouts.

  9. Big Brodie says:

    You should of stayed in Canada, it is more civilized than Texas. I agree with you that if you need to relocate to stay employed then get moving. The problem is that it appears that many Americans are either underqualified or overqualified for what is out there.

  10. Docker says:

    they should audit those collecting unemployment and actually verify that they are applying for employment and make sure they are not turning down any job and not just waiting around for their check.

  11. LadyB says:

    Now how are unemployed people going to be able to pay for a move?

    Lots of Calvinism online today, I see….

  12. Love Canada. says:

    Some have family they love and want to be near to

  13. John says:

    I think the new holocaust will come and yes people will be herded in to trains once again to work. Just not for pay.

  14. Drixnot says:

    Sure why not… but hmm… then you would have to pay for the transportation and guarantee housing.

    Then if things don’t pan out you have to pay to send them back.

    Jumping around the country is a gamble that people with kids can’t make and the vast majority of people collecting welfare have kids.

  15. TheRealAcid9 says:

    I live in a small city of about 150,000. So this shopping area it went to isn’t very big – about 20 or so stores. I went around to each of them and filled out as many applications as I could – which ended up being 6 applications. Several of the stores were actually closing down and most simply refused to even let me fill out an application.

    So lets say I move down to Texas where apperantly there are all these jobs. My question to you is is it actually worth the government’s time and money to pay for me to move down to Texas from Northern Colorado, haul all my things down there and my car or give me a basically 50 bucks a week for food?

    Now actually I do not use welfare or food stamps. But in principle if you are not only paying for such programs but paying for moving people around to where the jobs are – how does that solve anything? If anything it just makes the situation worse. Think about with millions of unemployed the cost of the beruacracy to organize an agency to manage moving people would cost tens of millions – and over all the program would run in the billions.

  16. biking cheetah says:

    You are over simplifying the question. Unemployment is for people that loose their job through no fault of their own; it’s not a handout. Moving is a large expense and can dramatically impact a person/family’s quality of life. Why would someone pay thousands of dollars to move to a different state for a job that pays much less than they were making before? Many companies are only offering contract work. Would you pay thousands of dollars to move to another state for a temporary position? Selling a home costs 6% of it’s value. It is difficult and costly to pick up and go. State tax revenue also decreases when people move from the state.

  17. thomas says:

    Bug says it perfectly… People who don’t have jobs are trying to figure out a way to pay their electric bill, IF they still have a home to live in. How in the world are they even going to think about packing their belongings and moving to a new town, with nowhere to live and then they have to go PROSPECT for a job…

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