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Should Jake Locker start at QB for the Tennessee Titans over Matt Hasselbeck?

by tom44 on November 7, 2014

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Mike Munchak has a decision to make at QB: Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker? While Hasselbeck will likely earn the job for week one, one this is clear — Munch…
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22 thoughts on “Should Jake Locker start at QB for the Tennessee Titans over Matt Hasselbeck?

  1. thekingbradable says:

    I care so much

  2. bakedbeans2012 says:

    Locker sucks my cock!

  3. Widdy205 says:

    I say let them battle in preseason and pick who you think would be the
    best! I love locker but what Matt did for us last year was amazing! We went
    from 6-10 to 9-7! He is a hero!


    Hasselback sucks Jake is better

  5. kb200924mvp says:

    Locker hasnt even started a game. and the games hes played in hes gotten
    over 500 yards, 4 tds, and NO ints.

  6. CoreyL11 says:

    Jake Locker took his dog to the veterinary clinic that I work at in Seattle
    before he moved to Tennessee. 🙂

  7. clayton2nd says:

    If hasselback didn’t throw so many INTs I’d say start him but because he
    does throw picks then start locker. Not saying locker wont get his share of
    them but 14 INTs last season plus 2 more in only 15 snaps in the preseason
    against Seattle tells me that Matt needs to take the backseat in his mentor


    No he is not. We lost games because of his turnovers!

  9. Blitzero420 says:

    he didnt have any turnovers fool just incompletions and hes a rookie who
    can only get better and losing games can not be placed on the shoulders of
    one player

  10. Audriana Peavy says:

    I think hasselbeck should get start cuz he had a good first season with a
    team that he never really played with before..i dont know why but matt
    hasselbeck is so underrated and people need to give him more credit for
    what he did..Go Hasselbeck!

  11. rockonederboii says:

    Hasselbeck should be the starter as long he’s under contract. Not to say
    that Locker isn’t capable of taking over,but why sign Hasselbeck for two
    years if he won’t be #1 for both years? I do think that 2013 will be the
    begining of a good era for Locker.


    Hmm lets see 14 int’s and and only 18 td’s

  13. TheAngus017 says:


  14. MrNepatriotsfan12 says:

    How u goin to call locker a bust when he hasnt started a full season yet. N
    Hasselbeck isnt complete. Hes average

  15. MegaChadOchocinco says:

    with the texans in that division i say give jake time to learn let him
    start midseason and let matt start week 1

  16. susan root says:

    LOCKER = BUST! Gabbert = BUST, GINGER, YA BABY GINGER was the better pick
    at 35!, Hasselbeck is a COMPLETE football player 61.6%. 51.5% for locker,
    54.3% for ponder, 60% for cam, dalton 58.1%, gabbert 50.8%. 2011 maybe the
    year of the quarterback 2012 is the year we all know who is for REAL. Go

  17. susan root says:

    Ya to be fair, your correct, we should see a full year with LOCKER, and
    Gabbert, shoot we’ll throw in Cam newton. 2011 was the year of the QB, 2012
    will be the year we find out which one is for real.

  18. cbikin says:

    I think locker and newton are going to be the best qb picks of 2011 dalton
    an honorable mention

  19. Emanuel Morales says:

    you’re a tool, GTFO

  20. andrewman111ah says:

    So who’s the qb now….locker

  21. DrcJr77 says:

    Locker – Just saying ! Chris Johnson will do better when the offence isn’t
    so predictable

  22. BBQSuperstars CookingChannel says:

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