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Should I transfer from Illinois State University to a Big-10 school?

by tom44 on September 11, 2013

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Question by Jonathan: Should I transfer from Illinois State University to a Big-10 school?
I’ve been wondering if I should transfer from ISU to either Ohio State or U of I – urbana, I am a psychology major/Pre-Med. I want to get into Anesthesiology in med school. I was wondering if transferring and graduating from a bigger school will help my chances to get into a medical school such as U of I – Chicago or other medical schools in chicago or illinois.

Best answer:

Answer by Prof. Cochise
Won’t help you a bit.

Instead, get all “A”s in the pre-requisite courses and a fantastic MCAT score.

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One thought on “Should I transfer from Illinois State University to a Big-10 school?

  1. Derek says:

    It would be better to stay at Illinois State University.
    The Big-10 label has more to do with a college’s sports grouping than any academic quality. It actually can be better to have graduated from a school that’s not a Big-10 school because that means it won’t be seen as a “jock” school.
    Academically, Illinois State is highly respected-in some cases ranked higher than Ohio State or U. of Illinois. See their website at for the “Points of Pride” coverage of bragging rights that ISU has.
    It is worth noting that ISU and U of I were actually somewhat the same school at one time. Illinois State was founded in 1857, while U of I did not start until the 1860s. When U of I was being started it was a land grant college. At first it was given land, but had no other facilities. Illinois State Normal (AKA ISU later) loaned professors and equipment to get U of I started. At one point, U of I was essentially an extension campus of ISU!
    I am an ISU alum, but I also took classes from U of I. As a former college adviser and former job recruiter, I can say that you should stay the course at ISU. I have known numerous M.D.s that graduated from ISU and went on with great success.

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