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Should I sign up for Cal-works?

by tom44 on July 30, 2012

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Question by M!ch3ll3: Should I sign up for Cal-works?
My family and I are a very low income family living by my father’s loans from school only. My little sister, little brother and I are in college while my baby brother is still in high school (going to be a junior this year). My question is can I and am I eligible for Cal-works seeing how I can’t seem to find a job and neither of my parents work and only my little sister. My father is attending a vocational school graduating this November and becoming a graphic designer; He doesn’t work at all. My mother on the other hand does not speak English and is a stay at home mother/wife 24/7. I have just turned 21 last Feb. and was wondering if I could still get in into the cal-works program seeing how I need the money to get into this training program called ROP in Sacramento to become a CNA/CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT?

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Answer by lib.rare.ian
Cal-Works is for eligible adults with children – your parents would have to apply for themselves.
And ROP is a free program, although you may need to pay for books. Have you tried to look for jobs through the college job placement office where you attend?

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