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Should I move close to a city to get a better paying job?

by tom44 on July 28, 2013

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Question by opjames: Should I move close to a city to get a better paying job?
I live in a rural area of Maryland. The wages are low here, but so is the cost of living. If I move closer to a city in Maryland or Delaware, will the cost of living be so high that it cancels out the higher wages?
In other words, will I come out ahead by moving close to a city?

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Answer by bleuwra

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4 thoughts on “Should I move close to a city to get a better paying job?

  1. K B says:

    Check out the real estate and housing prices in the area you’re looking at. Then also do a cost comparison on retail items in the area. That will give you a good indication as to what percentage the increase is. Then find a job with a greater percent of increase.

  2. Mikey says:

    Yes get outta there.

  3. tall5562 says:

    you will probably do better in the city, but you will have to budget youself. there are also more needs in the cityor more things you think you need.

  4. happyface says:

    I’m not sure. If you don’t make a lot of money, then I think the cost of living usually goes up more wages do when you move to the city. On the other hand, if there’s a sort of job that you want to do in the city that doesn’t exist where you’re living now, then it might be worth it for the opportunity to move up in a profession.

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