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Should I become a cna or medical assistant?

by tom44 on September 27, 2013

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Question by Clark Kent: Should I become a cna or medical assistant?

Best answer:

Answer by badestbabymomma
I’m a cna and it is hard work in a nursing home. That is why I switched to home care, but in home care the hours every week are not guranteed. I know my sister is a medical assistant and she makes less that what I do as a cna, even after 15 months of schooling…I’d say CNA.

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One thought on “Should I become a cna or medical assistant?

  1. ? Brunette Latina ? says:

    Perhaps badestbabysmomma is not in the state of Illinois, but here in Chicago, Medical Assistants make $ 15.00 an hour and CNA’s make only $ 8.00 an hour.

    MA’s have a variety of duties like drawing blood, taking EKG’s, assisting the doctor during minor surgical procedures.

    CNA’s mostly work in nursing homes and only take blood pressures, assist the residents in bathing, eating and changing soiled linen, etc. It’s a lot of hard work -but you grow to love the residents and not everyone can be a CNA. But trust me the pay very poor.

    Become a MA. More variety as far as job duties go- more advancement and more joy in your work

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