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Should I become a biomedical engineer?

by tom44 on April 5, 2013

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Question by checkoutmynewemptybag: Should I become a biomedical engineer?
I’m interested in robotic limbs and stuff, and my scores on placement tests are pretty much equal to each other, so I can enter about any field and be the same at it than in another.

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Answer by Chase
Aim lower. Less effort. Less margin of failure. Be a janitor.

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One thought on “Should I become a biomedical engineer?

  1. In Science we trust says:

    Absolutely. BE is a good place to start. You can also consider mechanical engineering. The prosthetics business is part of the medical device industry. Biomedical Engineers generally either work for a hospital maintaining the equipment (x-ray equipment, diagnostics,etc.), work in industry, typically for a medical device or equipment manufacturer or they work in academia doing research on materials and/or devices. The medical device business is highly concentrated geographically with a relatively small number of high density areas that are the best places to find a job. The major areas with a large number of companies are:

    S.F. Bay area (specifically Silicon Valley)
    Orange County, CA
    Minneapolis/St. Paul
    San Diego

    There are other areas that have an emerging biomedical company presence (e.g. Seattle & Salt Lake City) but they pale in comparison to the big ones above. So, you should really consider location in choosing a school and where you live after.

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