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Sephardic Music Festival – Lior Elmaliach, David Wizman, David Kadoch Part 1

by tom44 on July 3, 2013

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On Tuesday February 28th 2012 the Sephardic Kehila Community Centre in Toronto, Canada, hosted a Sephardic concert with singers from home and from around the…
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It was just last year that another patient at Children’s suffered a similar fate. Tammy Jarbo-Blakenship lost her son Michael on day after a routine visit fo…
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7 thoughts on “Sephardic Music Festival – Lior Elmaliach, David Wizman, David Kadoch Part 1

  1. ShiZi999 says:

    this is my kind of? music!!!!

  2. mourad morocco says:

    All Moroccan jews come to Seattle plenty of jobs at:
    Microsoft-Redmond—-Offers H1-b visas to employees to stay in USA
    AT&T-Redmond—–Offers H1-b visas
    Amazon-Seattle—-Offers H1-b visas
    Plenty of jobs in the healthcare sector at UW medical center in Seattle.
    Plenty of jobs at? Fred hutchinson Cancer research in Seattle.
    Big demand for welders and electricians plus diesel mechanics.
    See you soon in Seattle.

  3. ann holliday says:

    that’s what these hopitals do i could not get the news to cover what happen with my daughter people need to know what is going on. we have a lot of doctors that need to be investigated. please type in ? do hopitals have the right to have your child put to death

  4. Armoredbuttcheek5 says:

    My uncle was having surgery on his shoulder. The surgeons went in through is neck to reach the shoulder. During the operation the surgeons accidentally cut a muscle. Now my poor uncle cant swallow.

    I love you uncle Jim. I wish I could do something but I can’t?

  5. Rachen30 says:

    There are no such thing as accidents, especially when a person’s life is on the line. ANY medical employee who makes a mistake that harms a patient, MUST be put to death. When workers in the medical profession are aware that carelessness will result? in conviction and execution, they will not be careless anymore, I? guarantee. There must be such a law put into place. Anyone involved in a medical mistake: arrest, conviction, death by lethal injection or firing squad. Problem will stop.

  6. MsKbrightwell says:

    im addicted to fentanyl i get them from my doc 5 patches evry 15 days and i suck on them makes yu feel fucking amazin when yu eat a fentanyl? patch but comeing of them sucks worse withdrawls ever

  7. lance mcclure says:

    fentanyl from a dentist?! holy ****!!
    it’s already unusual for dentists to prescribe opiates for pain, except demerol or codeine, which are comparable to aspirin .. but fentanyl is 100x stronger than morphine & 40x stronger than heroin! It is very easy? to OD on fentanyl

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