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Seattle March for Health Care

by tom44 on May 14, 2013

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March to support health care for all. The march took place in Seattle on May 30, 2009. Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Jim McDermott spoke.
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5 thoughts on “Seattle March for Health Care

  1. tedeng says:

    Thanks for posting the video, I attended.
    Over 16% of the US? GDP is spent on Healthcare, 40% more than Germany, most countries consume on average 8%of GDP. We are on track to spend 20%, it will kill small business and eventually nobody will have coverage, Today we still leave 50 million people uninsured. The US is ranked approx. 37th in overall health care in the world, yet we expend much more. Why?… profits by health insurers!

  2. Rock Belk says:

    Chad – I do believe it. And you I can? tell by your tone that you care. So do I and I can appreciate why you would go to a march. The unique thing about the Tea Bag protests was that they were organic and not staged like yesterday’s event. The protesters came on their own effort. That was my point.

    I actually agree with you that our system needs some change but we differ GREATLY in approach. Why not start with the FDA instead of another entitlement program?

    Gotta run – Peace!

  3. Rock Belk says:

    YEAH – that was the other funny thing!!!! – The guy called us “Afraid” and said we all work for the Insurance Industry. Now that is what I call a stimulus plan!!!! I not only have a good job and pay for MY healthcare – but I most certainly can pay for your health insurance becauce I apparently have 2? jobs and can pay for everyone’s elses coverage. YEAH OBAMA….HE IS THE MESSIAH! I live here too and KNOW the truth. Don’t be fooled by this liar who was elected Pesident by a slim majority.

  4. Rock Belk says:

    All of these people were bussed into Seattle pre-paid and? all of these events were staged. Check out the protesters who came on their own merit. These people are Socialists who want YOU to pay for their health care needs. Wrong country folks! Ask yourself why Canadians come to our country and our citizens go to India for operations that could easily be done right here in America. Don’t give into the hype. Don’t be a sheep.

  5. AutumnRaine6 says:

    Thank you so much for? your sacrifice! God Bless You!!

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