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Saying Goodbye to Steve Jobs: How the Apple Co-Founder Revolutionized Technology

by tom44 on November 7, 2013

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From the iPod to the iPad, Steve Jobs changed the way we interact with the personal computer. How did he change our culture and can Apple survive without it’…
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21 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Steve Jobs: How the Apple Co-Founder Revolutionized Technology

  1. Charles Overturf says:

    It is my opinion that Jobs was a guy that once had a vision and after that
    wrapped himself with people that built on it. I do not buy that he was the
    creative icon he is being pumped up to be. Do not get me wrong, I thought
    he was a genius and good man for all that he was, I just do not buy the god
    he is being made into.And a note to Steve, wish you could have been here
    longer to enjoy what you toiled over but godspeed sir!

  2. bayushizero says:

    Steve Jobs? How would I summarize him? Innovator. Inventor. Brilliant. HARD
    WORKER! NEVER QUIT! The doofs occupying Wall Street could stand to learn a
    lot from his example.

  3. Ben Kotowicz says:

    This is the best video on the passing of Steve Jobs. You’ll find it
    informative and friendly. I like your tie in with Wall Street. It’s an A1
    production along with the guests and host. I’ll feature it on my channel
    for awhile. Best Always – Ben

  4. George Semel says:

    Well done guys the best summation of a well lived and spent life. I am
    typing this on an Macbook, while syncing my Iphone, on a wireless
    connection while drinking a cup of coffee at McD’s viewing on Youtube. If
    you told me five years ago that I would be watching tv on a phone in the
    middle of the woods at times I would have said no why , Steve thought other
    wise. God Bless.

  5. Madfoot713 says:

    @StopFear How? For the anti-capitalists, yes, it’s hypocritical. But not
    all of them are anti-capitalists. There’s more choices than the polar
    opposites of free market purism and a command economy (as a free market
    purist myself, I can nonetheless acknowledge that regulation is not
    tantamount to Marxism!).

  6. CJaguar265 says:

    steve jobs is like john z deiorean pioneers in their field and they were
    hard workers up till there death

  7. Dmonkey Productions says:

    @SuperFinGuy Nope, try again

  8. bobbytiger says:

    Steve Jobs. Will go down in history as one of the greatest inventors of all
    time. His name will be placed alongside of Ford, Edison, and the Wright

  9. jimisback says:

    @qtutoringhelps Why? Something is going to kill you. Mostly, your heart
    stops. Usually 100% of the time. $1 to my da.

  10. Bitter Clinger says:

    He also helped in turning us all into a bunch of social illiterates.

  11. GamerFromJump says:

    I was an early MP3 adopter, but only with the iPod was using MP3 *not* a
    pain in the ass.

  12. JohnGalt Iamoura says:

    Although a fitting eulogy for a great producer for our time SteveJobs’
    place in the history of civilized Man would be that of designer and NOT
    inventor as the comment below (bobbytiger & others) wrongly exaggerate.
    Look carefully and precisely at his carreer from start to finish and you’ll
    see that he was not a Prime Mover in the Aristotelian sense – but more the
    Prime ‘Surfer’ of the internet communications wave- a HankRearden & Not a
    JohnGalt. You can prepare for JohnGalt & His Motor. G $ G

  13. Lenny F says:

    A personal loss for the country and for me. We’ll miss ya Steve.

  14. Dmonkey Productions says:

    @SuperFinGuy yeah you missed the point

  15. XCritonX says:

    Steve Jobs was a real wealth and job creator. He was a real capitalist.

  16. Charles Overturf says:

    @stetsonwalker And to add to that, it is similar to Dale Earnheart. When he
    died, they tried to pump him into the angel of stock car racing. But the
    reality was his track name was the intimidator, for his very aggressive
    brand of driving. Granted he was a great driver, but an angel he was not.
    As Richard Petty said when he was asked about dale “Dale and me had two
    different brands of driving”.

  17. StopFear says:

    I do not support “Wall Street Occupiers”, ok. I also think it is
    hypocritical of them to keep using Apple products and love Steve Jobs while
    protesting wall street. Just to be more fair. I think in their mind, they
    are protesting not the corporations that create a popular “product” to
    them, but the influence corporations have on politicians in international
    trade of oil, lithium, gold, whatever. But they utterly fail because Obama
    is a big part of it, they should protest him, not “Republicans

  18. SuperFinGuy says:

    Wow knowing that you’re going to die and loose everything, is motivating??
    He was a good marketer and all but he wasn’t a philosopher.

  19. SuperFinGuy says:

    @Dmonk08 I get the point… since you’re going to die anyway there’s no
    need to be responsible, do whatever you feel like. Seems like nihilism to

  20. SuperFinGuy says:

    @qtutoringhelps The money that he had is not really worth much in real
    productive terms. It is mainly fiat money.

  21. brownboy69thst says:

    shut up queer

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