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san diego strippers…?

by tom44 on June 11, 2014

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san diego jobs
by _tar0_

Question by smiley(:: san diego strippers…?
okay so i’ve been dancing all my life (ballet, tap, jazz, etc.) im moving to a new part of cali and am going to put myself through college. i have a few dancing jobs but it doesn’t seem to be enough considering im not going to be living on campus and am needing to pay gas, food, COLLEGE, whatever else you can think of. i’ve always wanted to try exotic dancing because it looks like fun and the money is amazing (so i’ve heard). i think i would be really good at it coming from my dance history. if anyone knows about san diego strip clubs please give me some info…like if the moneys good down there and anything else you know. thanks!!!

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Answer by Carlo P
I live in NY, but last time I was in San Diego, I recall stopping in at Uncle Bob’s Highly Arousing Strip-o-teria. Have you looked up that place yet? Seriously though–I would be very careful about choosing this profession. Usually it is controlled by organized crime. You could be stalked by some pervert moron. You would be selling out your classical training and the dignity of dance as an art form for…what? Some easy money? You know the story of Dorian Gray–who made a deal with the devil. Of course, if you really need the money and like taking risks….and don’t care about your moral standards, then go right ahead. But you may one day regret it. Good luck, and let a smile, not a bump & grind routine, be your umbrella!

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