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San Diego Comic Con – What is Your Day Job?

by tom44 on August 4, 2012

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Big Time Attic journeys through the San Diego Comic Con, boldly asking costumed heroes about their day jobs. Includes annual con favorites like Black Superman, Drag Queen Supergirl, Elvis Trooper and Monkey Woman from “Who Wants To Be A Superhero” Questions? Comments Director @shadpetosky on Twitter.
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25 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con – What is Your Day Job?

  1. DuchessKyra says:

    @ 2:06 “I’m a 3rd school teacher” ? is the precise reason why we homeschool !!

  2. TheXJthatCould says:

    1:10, I HEAR? THAT!

  3. Skittles0whoa says:

    1:55. In? the Navy?

  4. bill5martin1 says:

    You can see half these people are making stuff up. Since they have to repeat the question before they come? up with an answer.. Also, I wonder how the people who are unemployed buy the tickets. They aren’t that cheap. Plus most people travel there and pay for a hotel.

  5. TheLotroWarden says:

    0:45 haha what costume is that?? oh…

  6. sesshomarucaseclosed says:

    The guy? at the end (joker) at least he was honest.

  7. firehotemily says:

    “I’m? a 3rd grade school teacher”
    That scared me lol

  8. BlackSpittingCobra says:

    i didnt see Admiral Ackbar standing their?

  9. jcbs says:

    “I’m an attorney.” maybe that kid didn’t quite understand? the question… because nightwing is an attorney in the comics

  10. YTJChannel says:

    hey guys we? just came back from the Comic-Con with some funny interviews, check them out, and only if you like it, subscribe!!!

  11. rah01kah says:

    I dig? the librarian….


    This kind of? made me sad 🙁

  13. waaathaaa says:

    1:53? Navy <3

  14. UnderTheLilyShadow says:

    captain jack is awesome lol 😀 well the first? one… second one is a woman :p

  15. fLRedSpade says:


    ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!?

  16. woodstyger says:

    you guys? are fantastic!

  17. casmatt1 says:

    in real? life thats a fucking man!!!

  18. WhAtZCrAcKiNN says:

    You’ve? got red on you ..

  19. 3206steve says:

    Dude @ 1:31 he is like? ahh mmm ehh safety supervisor jaja come on it’s ok to have a job that’s not a high degree job or something like that… Last guy was the most honest!

  20. tetrapaktjernobyl says:

    0:30 is that the Geek-guy who wanted to? blow Kevin Smith..?

  21. UrielYube says:

    at :21 i know which hometown? buffet
    ha thats awesome

  22. profjaykay says:

    2:06 not? okay

  23. setite says:

    2:10 wtf… im not a bigot but unless that guy is making some joke.. i dont think he is fit to? teach children…

  24. f1ysk1ll3r says:

    2:10 That’s ma? boyy!

  25. SupernaturalLover67 says:

    “A third grade school teacher.”

    That’s somewhat? of a paradox isn’t it?

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