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Ronnie B @ Little Tots Childcare Career Day Memphis, TN Sept 9, 2010

by tom44 on November 13, 2014

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26 thoughts on “Ronnie B @ Little Tots Childcare Career Day Memphis, TN Sept 9, 2010

  1. lisaramos45 says:

    Awwww you did an excellent job cuzzo!!!! Madison knew her daddy was
    talking!!!! LOL…She was just letting the other kids know!!! (SMILE)! Keep
    up the good work cuz!

  2. Deyman123 says:

    Ratatat makes EVERYTHING awesome!

  3. dolphinspwn says:

    this shit is sick!

  4. SpeshAli says:

    wheres the instrumental for this?! i need it!!

  5. wanyer89 says:

    nothing beats big l’s remix

  6. yo123yo345 says:

    best rapper

  7. cHakUzZa3 says:

    youre right

  8. john18061806 says:

    kay, just that ratatat can’t touch 9th wonder

  9. MursGlacius says:

    Ratatat is fucking amazing. Love that duo.

  10. Davuth Hy says:

    it’s written in the title…. Memphis Bleek – Alright.

  11. exeprime says:

    @FulsDePite ratatat’s official site – ratatatmusic . com

  12. inc0gnito808 says:

    @holyshitdude167 LMFAO

  13. benjXP3 says:


  14. hizzleeee says:

    its remixed with the song “loud pipes”. in my opinion, loud pipes is better
    by itself. the only real good remix that ive found with Ratatat in it is
    “party and bullshit”.

  15. PureHardDance27 says:

    @Tageslaterne disagree, good tune, but the original beat hits so much
    harder imo

  16. OfficialViktoria says:


  17. Nicolai Arnholm says:


  18. GiloCwalk says:

    ok dude on this one u fucked it up u got the same one as da legend notorius
    big . the remix of notorius was hardcore nice with the beat ect. but dont
    use it on someon wo is a magit comparing to The notorius BIG

  19. EpicSupermoto says:

  20. Tristan Wrobel says:

    Where can I find the lyrics of this music ?

  21. André Hopland says:

    @Bucs4Life8: ratatat – track one

  22. IKhanakaInKh says:

    watch me goin in be alrigth /watch?v=Aq6BgSWcvfE

  23. boliveratethebaby says:

    same backing as the flamboyant remix? not on ratatat . .

  24. Daniel Stein says:

    Every rap/hiphop song I’ve seen RATATAT remix is better then the
    origional….these guys are amazing….made me like Electronica again

  25. ThOasisEntertainment says:

    @Adam420Dreadz I was pretty sure it was Flamboyant that was the original
    mix :s. either way ratatat did all of em đŸ™‚

  26. chychy1 says:

    whats the original beat?

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