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Rollin dircted by Al Profit: Detroit drug dealers documentary

by tom44 on November 27, 2012

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Download HD version at: Once upon a time, Detroit was the heart of the American Dream. Good jobs, big cars, and the world’s most profitable companies placed the city at the heart of the global economy. But as this empire of cars began to crumble and the jobs evaporated, Detroit became the crime capital of America, and a new business, illegal drugs, took over the economy. Now the city lies in shambles Detroit is the poorest and most violent major city in America. The heart of the American Dream has been shattered. From corrupt narcotics cop Henry Marzett to the infamous Young Boys Inc, White Boy Rick, and the Best Friends Murder for Hire gang: see the Kingpins and Killers that called Detroit home and became the Henry Fords and Lee Iacoccas of a new generation. What happens when the Ceo’s and Politicians fail in their plans? It’s called DETROIT.

Positive forecast for US automobile industry could mean more jobs in America.
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5 thoughts on “Rollin dircted by Al Profit: Detroit drug dealers documentary

  1. billistik666 says:

    Luv Als DOCS ALWAYS BADASS,,,fn Y.B.I were FUCKEN ROCKSTARS TO US IN THE HOOD WHEN WE WERE LIL KIDZ!!!wanted to be in that gang hahahah but i? was WHITE&9 so hahahah no chance

  2. hanaconafalou says:

    Great Work, Al, you’re the? truth!

  3. therealPeilo says:

    awesome? collective of interviews….Thumbs up

  4. alprofit says:

    It didn’t. Turkish heroin was flowing into the US from the 1920’s until early 70’s when the US govt pressured? the Turkish govt to eradicate the poppy crop.

  5. jairo ocaranza says:


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