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Review | JOBS (Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad)

by tom44 on March 12, 2014

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Is Ashton Kutcher’s performance in JOBS an accurate portrayal of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs or does he fall flat? Get new movie reviews for free: http://pret…
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25 thoughts on “Review | JOBS (Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad)

  1. Pierre Paul says:

    He was an huge asshole in his personal life and with his coworkers and the
    movie show him like a real hero. This is just bullshit ?

  2. Pretty Much It says:

    Yep, we reviewed iSteve a few months ago! It’s actually annotated at the
    end of this review if you’d like to go back and check it out.

  3. XxnatrocksxX says:

    Oh you are so stupid, how did that prove your point, the new mac pro is
    tiny it can fit on your desk, it’s like 10inches tall, and 4 inches wide.

  4. ModernFilmCritic says:


  5. Ally140992 says:

    Any chance for Eric to dress up as Steve Jobs, he does.

  6. Remy Azhary Yosef says:

    Oscar for Ashton Kutcher…what do you think? Any chance?

  7. Pr4sEoDyMiUm says:

    Eric, you are 200 kinds of John Tyler.

  8. jyu467 says:

    I don’t care about Apple so I probably won’t care about this movie. I just
    don’t understand why anyone would want to buy an Apple product when there
    are several products that are cheaper and superior to anything Apple makes.

  9. XxnatrocksxX says:

    How is steve jobs an A-hole he completely innovated and changed how
    everyone uses technology today, Bill gates left and now microsoft is in
    shit. Steve jobs however made plans for apple 5 years after he dies so he
    is technically still the one that oversees all of the things that apple has
    made in the past few years.

  10. SuperAuthenticGaming says:

    He was no visionary he did nothing but paste his name on what his employees
    did, he is a leader, but not a visionary, and he was a complete asshole

  11. Jesse Nonyabizznazz says:

    lol u have to deal with some funny comments eh?

  12. CurlyAndKickingFilms says:


  13. Alone says:

    Steve’s life can actually be made into a movie. His life was full of
    excitement. Bill gates? not so much…

  14. hbk15111 says:

    Those are two completely different movies…

  15. KirbyCrossing says:

    Maybe you should do some research before saying anything.

  16. G1ychd says:

    iPhone ftw

  17. shadethepress says:


  18. Death2RockwayMiddle says:

    Gates is a fag

  19. bryangutierrez5 says:

    How the hell can’t he be both? Ok the guy was a complete dick bag but how
    does that change anything about weather or not he was a visionary and a
    leader? You don’t have to be a nice guy to get great things done

  20. jyu467 says:

    Mark Zuckerberg is not dead.

  21. wtfisditvoorbullshit says:

    I’ve never owned an Apple product but I am interested in this film, and I
    think Kutcher is a better actor than a lot of people give him credit for.

  22. Tevya Smolka says:

    i am probably not going to see this but good review eric

  23. griptaily says:

    “for their size” yeah you basically proved my point with that one
    statement. dont speak to me again. i win

  24. LonestarDREADZZ says:

    Yeah learn about things like foxconn and the terrible Chinese apple working
    conditions, im sure you will love him after you do a little research

  25. Dominic Malone says:

    liking the new title layout!

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