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relocating – Need employment. Suggestions?

by tom44 on November 15, 2013

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raleigh medical jobs
by dbking

Question by Eadgils: relocating – Need employment. Suggestions?
I will be needing to move to Morrisville, NC. (raleigh-Duram-RTP area) and need help or suggestions in getting a job lined up even though im still stuck here in Chicago till then.
I will move once I get a job, but most employers will not consider me thinking that I am not legit, especially when applying from Chicago.
I have an Associates Degree in IT – Computer Networking,
and I am almost done with a Bachelors Degree in Business Science, – Technical Project Management

Best answer:

Answer by ?FreeThinker?
Raleigh area has a LOT of technology and medical jobs. Depends what you are qualified for. There are also tons of restaurants.

Oh, IT. Thats what my hubby does. Try Wake EMC. Power company.

They might have something and they pay well.

Check this site:

For IT peeps. Good Luck. You will like it here.

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