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Registered Nurses Job Description

by tom44 on April 16, 2014

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Registered Nurses Job Description.
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25 thoughts on “Registered Nurses Job Description

  1. ricardo luna butler says:

    our worLds greatest heaLers…registered nurses!!!
    Registered Nurses Job Description?

  2. tranurse says:

    it is always hard.

  3. tranurse says:

    @amnaamna1 it isn’t bad, it’s just hard. what you get paid depends on your
    education, where you work, and your experience.

  4. Bestofourworld says:

    shit im a guy an i wanna become an rn and i dont give a fuck what people

  5. hexumrulz00 says:

    no job for new nurses 🙁 they onyly hired with those with experience

  6. Apink420 says:

    i think working in a nursing home is probably the worst becuz the
    environment is very depressing and dirty i would want 2 work with babies
    maybe in the delivery room or with cancer patients

  7. fox6789 says:


  8. amnaamna1 says:

    @tranurse omg i was planing to get into nursing is that bad how much do you
    get paid ?

  9. 2ndSamuel710 says:

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  10. MegaDede43 says:

    I hear what your saying ,but i don’t have alot of sympathy for you. Try
    doing a CNA’S job the worst part of nursing and paid 1/4 of what you make.
    Don’t complain…I don’t It was you choice and that’s why i wll continue to
    go on to nursing school.

  11. atheistunicorn says:

    Nursing is CNA, LPN, RN and NP among other divisions, not just RNs. We need
    all of them!

  12. cielq says:

    so nursing is not for u.

  13. wowwow180 says:

    filipino job

  14. rich b says:

    now thats da truth

  15. tranurse says:

    job description: maid, servant, mama, baby sitter, housekeeper, punching
    bag, whipping bag, psychiatrist, security guard, unit secretary, furniture
    mover, animal wrangler, body guard. that is just off the top of my head. i
    joke that i am a nurse, so that i can get paid to be co-dependent. i’ve
    been one for 15 years, i’m not gonna quit anytime soon, just people who
    want to go into nsg, need to be prepared.

  16. Burcu nane says:

    You should definitely try it. take some human anatomy and some psychology

  17. Leta589 says:

    i cant wait to start clinicals

  18. saden1782 says:

    yeah what about us cnas….. yeah…

  19. MegaDede43 says:

    Nursing can be very rewarding,how ever the thing about wanting to help
    other ppl is nice to say and it’s true we really do, but some ppl don’t
    realize til their in to deep that that sentence wears thin real soon.
    There’s got to be other reasons you want to become a RN. This is why so
    many nurses become jaded. nusing takes alot out of you and some don’t
    handle it well. Some nurses can be real BITCHES! I”ve had a few in my time.
    Think about it i’m sure you’ll do fine Good luck

  20. MegaDede43 says:

    Don’t be scared of the examination. It’s just like any other test, you pay
    attendtion in class , do your work and most importantly STUDY, you’ll do
    just fine. It is good to see a high school student in the 10th grade
    already planning for your future. Alot don’t know what they want to do even
    after graduation. Good for you and just take it one step at a time and
    stoping worrying I’m sure you will do just fine. Good Luck to You !!

  21. narutoyondaime14 says:

    I think this is the job for me… I love to help people. It makes me happy
    to know that I saved a person’s life.

  22. WJ Hicks says:

    @atheistunicorn I choose to be a NP !

  23. rich b says:

    nursing sucks, eat shit all day, you work your ass off all day, the pay is
    good in the begining but it caps out, soon your behind your cohorts that
    studied something else,

  24. Divine Shona says:

    i am interested in being an RN i am a freshman in college atm and i am
    taking Medical Terminology, i find it very fascinating to say the least and
    i love helping others, most of my life i have been around people who have
    been disabled and i have some experience with bed side care, my Grandmother
    was a CNA and my Aunt was a candy stripier so i would love to follow in
    their foot steps. Does any one have any tips/advice for me?

  25. 101keke101 says:

    ¿Oye pienso realmente que este trabajo es para mí sí adoro ayudar otros y
    echar una mano de vez en cuando?

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