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Recruiting Sales Jobs in NYC – Small Companies

by tom44 on June 27, 2014

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Is taking a sales job at a smaller company the right choice? Here are some reasons for and against getting a position with a small organization doing busines…
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6 thoughts on “Recruiting Sales Jobs in NYC – Small Companies

  1. Ken Sundheim says:

    Sales Jobs in NYC at Small Companies?

  2. Informationator says:

    However most of my friends (after graduation) who thought of their future
    career opportunities preferred big companies even though the salary wasn’t
    high at the beginning. I chose the “small companies” myself (higher salary
    and better position) and may agree with you that the experience I had
    received was probably wider in some sort of way. But if I start looking for
    another job, will I get the advantage comparing with my friends’ CVs where
    the well known names of big companies present??

  3. David Claxton says:

    hello I did enjoy your youtube presentation, your speaking slowly and
    measured came across well, it was a nice length of video and held my
    interest. thank you

  4. Ken Sundheim says:

    Thanks for the kind words +David Claxton. The NY recruiters at KAS
    appreciate the feedback!

  5. RecruiterSales says:

    Sometimes for small businesses, recruiting can be quite hard. Good
    solutions presented in this video.

  6. Ken Sundheim says:

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