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Real Life CSI: Crime Scene Cleaners

by tom44 on September 21, 2013

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When a life ends in the worst possible way, and after the police and coroner have left, someone still has to clean up.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on “Real Life CSI: Crime Scene Cleaners

  1. peacock427 says:

    bitch loves the? gore 2:40

  2. Martial0241 says:

    Lack of funds??

  3. Mike Scheffer says:

    What the fuck is that lady? doing in the house after her husband does the suicide deal??? weirdo….

  4. BlitztheDragon says:

    Viscera Cleanup? Detail IRL.

  5. Pathological Liar says:

    yes 4? years

  6. relyndie says:

    perhaps we need her down here in miami, my next door neighboor was doing a month of jail time for violating provation, during which time his stepfather committed a homicide/suicide. Meaning he killer my neighboor’s (close friend of mine) mother with multiple kitchen knife stabs only to later stab himself to death including cutting? his wrists, so you can imagine it was a bloodbath all around the townhouse he lived in. Well guess what, he had to clean up the entire mess HIMSELF. he then moved out.

  7. gohanguy22 says:

    Her? son.

  8. Raven McLaren says:

    And by that statement, is it safe to? assume you work in that general department?

  9. Raven McLaren says:

    Indeed. Personally speaking, I’m fortunate to be able to do such work;? it provides me with a sincere sense of meaning and purpose. I love my job very much, and is one step to my goal career 🙂

  10. Luis Pacheco says:

    Well you do not? know how their life was. It could have been a Living hell or it could have been amazing.

  11. Temarie Michael says:

    iArman ummm shes not the only one working at that job. other people working? at her job and other places will clean her shit!

  12. Temarie Michael says:

    when they sell the house the real estate agents dont tell the people who looks at the house that there has been a killing inside it. wonder why some people see paranormal activity shit. it happened when this? dde hung himself in his house near mine but they left the house and new people stayed in it. fuckin shit.

  13. iArmanSinghTV says:

    What if? she dies? Who is going to clean her sh*t!

  14. TheWarhammerfreak says:

    Those? cookies looked pretty fucking good…
    nice video btw

  15. Pathological Liar says:

    fucking kidding me… funeral director aint shit try? scraping brains off a wall and picking up maggot infested body parts not to mention all the diseases you can get and all the air born pathogens. the smell.

  16. Jenn J says:

    You’re right. I watch too? much Investigation Discovery!

  17. crimzonchyld says:

    Wouldn’t be? too sure, lots of policies don’t cover suicide, the ones that do usually don’t pay out as much as they would had it not been suicide and you usually have to wait longer to get the money. All depends on the company.

  18. john smith says:

    ill take perspective/feelings for 200 tim?

  19. TonylynoT says:

    This is weak. Want a job? that will test you?Funeral Director.

  20. Bunny Man says:


  21. pocoboba says:

    Or she did it? herself.

  22. Charlotte Cumberbatch says:

    Anyone else have a strange urge to? push on her shirt where the fingerprint is? Boop!
    I wonder how she’d react to me…

  23. Jenn J says:

    life insurance?

  24. pocoboba says:

    The wife didn’t seem? very upset :T

  25. 11aloalo says:

    Why camera man isnt wearing protective gear of any kind? ?

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