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Reaction to Aaron Sandusky receiving 10 years in prison for operating medical marijuana dispensary

by tom44 on April 4, 2013

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Aaron Sandusky was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on Jan. 7, 2013 at a federal court in Los Angeles. Sandusky was sentenced for operating medical ma…
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21 thoughts on “Reaction to Aaron Sandusky receiving 10 years in prison for operating medical marijuana dispensary

  1. UkeleleStoner1992 says:

    Judge Percy Anderson should be summarily executed on the spot? for this hideous crime against humanity.

  2. elementskater331 says:

    1:36? sketchyyyy

  3. lee Jr says:

    legal mmj is pharma and alcohol industry’s biggest nightmare,also prisons,jails.Little possession puts you behind bars,biiig business,guess how much it cost us a day for each individual? this people locking up,taking people’s time,life,bunch of fucking hassle for some God given plant that can stop alot of violence,crimes addiction to alcohol,pills etc etc. if left alone and be dealt with.DOJ needs to wake the hell up.

  4. disestablismentarian says:

    i can see a cartoon- a gangbanger? smoking pot, obama Grabs him *shakes him* Get Off the Pot! Get On these PILLS!

  5. LeoliCat says:

    Ignorant fuck or pathetic troll? ?

  6. JR C says:

    lock? em up… druggy

  7. ie420patient says:

    Because enforcement? in California is decided at the County/City level. Every County and cities within its county are different. NO CONSISTENCY! IT’S CRAZY. San Bernardino has the toughest anti-MMJ stance and this is where Aaron Sandusky was located. It is the only reason why. If he was in Oakland, California or just over the hill in Orange or LA County, he’d be home now with his family enjoying the new year. WAKE UP LAWMAKERS! WE SAID YES, FIX & STREAMLINE THE LAWS!

  8. Jenna L says:

    I think it’s most important that an innocent man will be imprisoned for 10? years of his life…

  9. ie420patient says:

    The Inland Empire has always been anti-MMJ, but this is 100% bullshit. No consistency in how laws are enforced within our State in? relation to medical marijuana. In the same day a dispensary in Oakland is released of all charges (the largest in the State that had a national reality TV show) where a “little” guy like this in the Inland Empire is in jail for 10 years. It’s the SAME STATE! All within California! GTFOH! System is so FCUKED UP & FCUK YOU SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY!

  10. SureShotSav says:

    where is? the fact to back up this comment?

  11. SureShotSav says:

    fuck this system and? big pharma.

  12. Nathan Hinte says:

    Fuck the system! Seriously, it’s practically broken beyond repair. ? What a disgrace.

  13. Clint R says:

    The only way? thing’s are going change is to happen at the Federal Level everyone I suggest you google HR 6606 this is a bill that was introduce in late November 2012
    Call your representatives of your state everyone from congress to the senator’s and tell them you want this bill passed

  14. brooksde says:

    Fuck Holder.? What a hypocrite.

  15. RoyalViolin says:

    It’s legal. What? isn’t legal is that “the defendant wasn’t prosecuted for selling medical marijuana. He was prosecuted for using medical marijuana as a front to sell marijuana for non-medical purposes.”

    This is why other operators aren’t being shut down or jailed, but only this person.

  16. Lupercus50 says:

    This was a slap on? the wrist for us, the government is saying you go as far as we allow you to go, Aaron is being used as a warning, he’s not going to jail for any real offence, he’s going to jail as an example/warning, this is the man putting his boot in.

  17. SolarEXtract says:

    Our U.S. government is still making it very clear that we? are not free and never have been.

  18. Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo says:

    I searched Google for Los Angeles Medical Marijuana dispensaries and a ton of results come up, some of which have their own home pages. How the FUCK?! This guy was sentenced to 10 years for operating a dispensary while? apparently (0:45) complying with state laws. So wtf, is this legal or not? Why aren’t all dispensary operators being raided right NOW and sentenced to 10 years? Legal or not, make your damn minds up. This is confusing as fuck.

  19. Ma bans says:

    What concerns would? that be? I can’t think of what rational fearful concern for Marijuana. I understand concerns for Meth, Crack, Coke, Heroin, but weed? What? people’s fridge may get raided? Drug dealers isn’t actual argument because one can just look back at speak easys. There needs to be a rational look at the effects of this drug in a real comparison. Not a “hey man expand your mind” but I really want to know what makes weed worse than alcohol bio-chemically that its to stay out of our hands

  20. clarkdog101 says:

    if you support medical marijuana or not, locking this guy up for? 10 years is a waste of your tax paying dollars. will cost an average of $300000 to keep this non violent offender in jail for 10 years! thats the part of the marijuana debate that is the most important…

  21. Maharoba says:

    fuck this shit. this infuriates me.. ten years for growing fuckin’ plants that make people happy and relax them. what an? evil system this is

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