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Re: ECONOMIC PAIN -Bankruptcy, Detroit, Gold, Alcoa, jobs and Silversnowball

by tom44 on April 23, 2014

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This special two-hour report documents a pivotal year and a half in the Detroit Public Schools, set against a backdrop of history and the plight of one stude…
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28 thoughts on “Re: ECONOMIC PAIN -Bankruptcy, Detroit, Gold, Alcoa, jobs and Silversnowball

  1. JOSEPH ESCOTO says:

    silver is normally 16/1. now it is 64/1 it should be selling for 70 an oz.

  2. Alexiscom1 says:

    I just bougth 930 oz from Ampec. This snowball MLM i like to understand how
    it works. I will by buying more silver soon i am financial advisor from

  3. ethifanman says:

    Im 60 yrs old, just started buying silver, is junk silver good for the
    coming economic collapse? Im beginning to buy American Silver Eagles….I
    have 40 ounces so far.. how many ounces does one need to survive the worst
    depression in future?

  4. YesYou123333 says:

    The biggest enemy to these kids are their “black leaders”. People like
    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and other liberal whites keep telling these
    kids the white man is going to hold you down so why even try??

  5. JacopeX says:

    If they’re in poverty, why are they so fat??

  6. Paul Bennett says:

    Dan Rather is a national disgrace?

  7. Koltiras Rip says:

    This isn’t just about the school system, or the people who teach or run the
    schools. It’s not just about parents not giving half a shit about
    disciplining their kids, or about gangs that make it almost impossible to
    do so even if you try. It’s about the jobs.

    There ARE NO JOBS in Detroit. It starts with parents being able to provide
    for the kids that they’re having. It’s about parents having the money to
    get birth control or condoms or abortions if they need them. It’s about
    giving the people who are supposed to be the foundation of a kid’s life
    being able to provide an example of what the kids can grow up to be. If
    the parents are deadbeats with nothing to show for themselves, the kids
    won’t do much better unless they’re gifted with exceptional determination
    or talent.

    Bring the jobs back home. Take them out of the grip of China, out of
    Mexico…put these manufacturing jobs back where they started, and put
    these people back to work. Give them an income that they can actually
    survive on, instead of living off the government teat forever. When the
    parents succeed, their kids will aspire to do at LEAST as well as them.
    They’ll start to graduate from school because they’ll want to BE successful
    too. No amount of speeches or blaming, pointing fingers and elections will
    do shit until these people are back at fucking work.?

  8. Leah Robinson says:

    This breaks my heart, this is the reason I’m in college to be an educator?

  9. WDEMMEL says:

    People in Detroit have the Government they elected. This town is the
    Democratic muster child. If people don’t start voting something else than
    Democrats and Republicans, the whole country will end up looking like

    You may chose to ignore the warning, as did the people of Detroit, but you
    will not be able to ignore the consequences.

    Never RE-elect anybody. Elect alternative candidates that have nothing to
    do with party line or big business.

    School boards are the lowest level of government. One can only imagine what
    goes on in all the other levels of government. Every new government job is
    expanding the system of corruption. It looks, like less would be more.?

  10. Archangel2895 says:

    Sex in the hallways at a middleschool………. WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK??

  11. Tony W says:

    And I always hated my high school… Damn. Touch screens, lap tops,
    unlimited text books(New every second year), no metal detectors, teachers
    that were enthusiastic to teach, if not they were fired on site. I had
    teachers tel me and some of my friends we’ll never amount to anything. We
    got them fired. My one friend is an accountant and I’m an assistant manager
    at a retail store. Don’t believe if someone says you’ll never go far. If
    you can take the steps to at least half way then keep pushing and
    eventually it’ll be yours. Take small steps and fight like hell{pardon my

  12. Bonnie McCoy says:

    Why do the kids drop out? They can’t get an education if they don’t go. Why
    don’t they go? Does the school decay and then they drop out? Or do they
    drop out, and then the schools decay? Whose fault it is? Why don’t
    legislators do something? WHOSE FAULT IS IT??

  13. Don Wanderley says:

    Nothing like taking accountability. Tough to teach anyone when the kids
    don’t report to school, don’t do their homework, or just don’t care. ?

  14. Joseph Adam says:

    Just saying, there are some good black people but a lot act like ” black
    people ” I’m sorry but it’s true. I am GOOD friends with some black and
    Spanish people. But I HATE a lot more just because the way they act. And
    Detroit is what happens when you have the ones that act like typical black
    person. Again, I don’t hate black because trhere black, I hate some how
    they act!?

  15. MrsB Stacy says:

    Many will come to realize as they continue to watch the Federal Government
    go deeper and deeper into debt (since 2001), it is very expensive and time
    consuming to correct the cover up lies and overcome corruption. It is now
    2014, and the federal gov’t is still doing the same thing. Generations to
    come will pay the price, much like the Detroit people. God help us all.
    Thank you for the report.?

  16. stealth1964 says:

    In the first two minutes all you see are niggers. Coincidence? I think not.?

  17. tiye777 says:

    why do some blk people feel that segregation is the problem? you don’t hear
    white folks saying “in order for our school to be better we have to
    integrate blk children into our schools”. Blk districts get the most money
    from the federal gov’t, the state and city. integration isn’t the
    solution… we tried that already with brown vs the board of education and
    we still behind. big deal white folks don’t want there kids around our
    kids. then fine enough we build our own and educate our own so that our
    children can compete.?

  18. tubertom says:

    9:15 “We’re freedom writers.” That was an uplifting anti-gang movie. And
    ofcourse what do people do when they drop out of high school what do they
    do? Join gangs.
    6:50 “It’s a self-inflicting rolling diaster.” Matriarchy, and Scorched
    Earth Policy too.?

  19. Topspeed325 says:

    These kids don’t want to learn. Go ahead, try being a teacher there. These
    so called children will Fuk you up if you challenge them in any way. You
    will get beaten up, cut up, shot up. I dare you to even live in Detroit. I
    will read about you in the obituaries. I was raised in
    Detroit/Eastside..after 30 years, I left. Do you want to live? Stay away
    from Detoilet.?

  20. T kotan says:

    Time for martial law in Detroit! Let the military police assist local law
    enforcement and help clean up the streets and schools. Seems like ems and
    fire need help, let the military set some training programs and help the
    city. When their service is up, give veterans first choice on
    manufacturing jobs. Give veterans free land in abandoned neighborhoods.
    Give them super low interest loans to build houses and start businesses.
    Get the city cleaned up and give tax breaks for manufacturing companies to
    come back to Detroit. There seems to be plenty of cheap real estate.?

  21. john says:

    dan rather and his politics is responsible for this disaster? Liberalism
    with out responsibility for their action’s??

  22. Sam B says:

    It seems like most of the problems in these schools are the teachers. They
    don’t show up to class or they aren’t qualified to teach. They need to hire
    qualified teachers who genuinely care about the education of the students
    and will actually show up to do their job.?

  23. A-Dot Carter says:

    Deanna talks a good game…but the fact that she has a low GPA makes me
    skeptical of her efforts. I say that because when you are as aware as she
    seems to be, you don’t have the excuse of being a “victim” because
    apparently you can see it for what it is and should be able to somewhat
    navigate the issue. i’m beginning to believe that she has little fight to
    avoid or stay away from the distractions in a typical DPS, and she’s
    falling back on the ‘whoa is me” attitude of so many of these Detroit

  24. Isaac James says:

    An they stupid False propaganda video they had they nerve to play ?

  25. KCOCAEP67 says:

    was up??

  26. T Hayes says:

    Mr. rather – this is an excellent job that you’ve done. And it was nice
    meeting you in Toronto at indigo bookstore.?

  27. Mel_Mel28 says:

    This is a national DISGRACE!!!! SHAME SHAME on YOU! unbelievable! look at
    how they carry on. Pathetic!!?

  28. Tom Noonan says:

    This video makes a perfect point without an effective public school system
    in low income areas all that happens is more people are put down the
    pipeline into poverty?

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