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Raw: Philly Police Seek Boy Who Brandished Gun

by tom44 on September 8, 2013

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Authorities in Philadelphia are looking for a young boy who allegedly pulled a gun on a girl he encountered crossing the street. Silent video. (April 25)
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22 thoughts on “Raw: Philly Police Seek Boy Who Brandished Gun

  1. chris johnson says:

    Fuck you?

  2. nyck1d36 says:

    Fuck philly?

  3. Trend101Warrior says:

    Disneyworld, not diseyland. The? Animal Kingdom is at Disneyworld.

  4. cool70200 says:

    Deadbeat dads and thug loving? bimbos just love cranking out them hyenas.

  5. The Daily Conversation says:

    This is a pretty hilarious video–and it’s just another sign that David Simon’s “The Wire” is the most accurate, important show in the history of? American fictional T.V.

  6. thrummer1953 says:

    Yeah,that? flu business is unsettling.

  7. kamikat888 says:

    Sure makes me happy my sons turned out pretty well. I need to tell them even more how proud of them I am. All the children with parents working 2 jobs (if they can find 2 jobs) just to afford necessities, the kids run wild, thank GOD they don’t have kids, worry about ww3, economy, global? warming, skyrocketing healthcare costs, etc.their generation is screwed. Grandchildren, pass. I’m getting another cat. Oh, and very deadly avian flu in China how long until a deadly disease outbreak here overdue

  8. thrummer1953 says:

    Translation:*In a minstrelly gospel? singing voice * “Ohhhhhh! Nobody knows da trouble ah seen”!

  9. thrummer1953 says:

    You just? don’t get it.You are using your Negro group politics to excuse “your brother’s” bad behavior.Well, if these are your brothers,they suck like a Hoover.
    Get off your little Pity-Pot you racist !

  10. Joez86 says:

    Oh those? lilttle rascals .

  11. BYM VETO says:

    Im just speaking the truth, & too them it hurts so i expect the negative feed back i take heed and move on in the end we all caught in? big brother hand no matter race.

  12. BYM VETO says:

    stupid, tell me wat i said was wrong incorrect,I’m just telling you all you can’t judge some one if your not in their position, all y’all comments was rude remarks on my brothers so speaking my? mind thats i did and none of y’all will stop me,And I’m not behind no one I’m just wit myself, like tupac said “the world is A game to be Played”

  13. thrummer1953 says:

    C’mon! You can’t really be that STUPID! lol?

  14. michaelrose93 says:

    I understand, to my limited ability, your plight. . .
    What I don’t understand is why you seem to be defending them. What, because they are black? They are your ‘niggas’ so you defend them?
    These young punks are acting like young punks – regardless of their race. This is obvious? to anyone.
    You are standing behind them, because of racial pride (you haven’t displayed any other reason so far) and that is lame.

  15. l ortiz says:

    It always comes back? to the parent..they shove them out the door..May be someone else will take care of them….Total crap on society….Next thing they say ..The kid is in the news..But he was such a loving child…..!!! Then they sue the city for shooting the child..

  16. BYM VETO says:

    U just restating my point, No need for you to reply, You thinks People wanna live like that? you think we never wanted a sweet 16 or 18 with a brand new car.. you thinks i like see in my niggas struggle,, then you really don’t understand me,the mind set is separate the wolfs from the sheep every body gotta eat, and its not the black man making the rules…(don’t bring up obama)

  17. michaelrose93 says:

    “why they don’t teach the city kids they same as they do in the suburbs”. . .”why all my niggas gotta trap to feed they kids why they got to get a gun so the next man won’t take theirs”
    So that’s your explanation of the nonsense we? just viewed?
    I guess that’s the ‘mind’ set out there.

  18. BYM VETO says:

    y’all dont understand the hood life go watch whats going on in the suburbs? school shooting fkin hypocrites

  19. BYM VETO says:

    don’t speak? indirect

  20. BYM VETO says:

    1st speak for yourself.. and why they don’t teach the city kids they same as they do in the suburbs.(i live in subs came from philly)? Why you have to have job experience to get a job, tell us maybe you can explain? why all my niggas gotta trap to feed they kids why they got to get a gun so the next man won’t take theirs tell us go head you don’t know shit you just wanna talk.


    A black plague is descending upon civilization. That plague is called the nigger,? pedal down, clean tires later.

  22. Omar Campos says:

    ThisisTurok99? – What a DUMM ASS!!! you are, such a stupid fuck!!!

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