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Raleigh North Carolina?

by tom44 on January 15, 2014

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Question by freedomchild03: Raleigh North Carolina?
I want to move to Raleigh North Carolina. What things should I know before I move there?

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Answer by postal p
Which area is best for you to move into. Where you can get a job. What are the best schools, if you have kids.

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2 thoughts on “Raleigh North Carolina?

  1. Megan Smith says:

    If you are moving here for a job, make sure you live relatively close. While the traffic in Raleigh does not match with DC, NY or Atlanta, it can be awful to deal with. Also, if you do not drive, you may want to look at public transportation options first. Currently, the bus system is not as advanced as other cities (like Charlotte).

  2. Truth Hurts says:

    It’s a growing place for 18-30 year old people, there are plenty of jobs in the medical, research, technology, and computer field. It’s an overall perfect area and your money will stretch pretty good around here.

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