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Raleigh Congressional Candidate Frank Roche Interviewed at Tea Party Rally, 15.04.2010

by tom44 on May 16, 2013

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Frank Roche opposes legalizing marijuana at the federal level and considers the federal reserve to be a critical component of the American economy.
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Bioscience leaders joined the NC Arboretum and the Bent Creek Institute to introduce the We Work For Health initiative to Western North Carolina.
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6 thoughts on “Raleigh Congressional Candidate Frank Roche Interviewed at Tea Party Rally, 15.04.2010

  1. MrAstrozombie90 says:

    just? put out some vids exposing this dumb asses lies check em out

  2. DoctorJohnJGibbons says:

    Fuck you Roach :-). Got a suggestion for you now that you sold your home in NC.

    Hop a taxi cab, head up I-95 and go home to NYC, yo. You city slicker carpetbaggers aren’t welcome in NC.? No kids, never married, 40 something (gay?), currency trader n00b.

  3. Cole Stallings says:

    fuck yeh, how these arrogant pricks can stand before us as if looking down on us and spit a? bullshit statement right to your face yet you cannot do a damn thing about it. It’s almost as if they’re trying to prove that they control everything…..almost everything HB 1380!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DonateToFreedomCom says:

    Frank Roach the NEOCON…

    He is UNAmerican, UNConstitutional,? ANTI-Liberty, and pro-his own version of big government! What a spluge….

  5. IronJustice08 says:

    yes, lets not legaize the plant marijuanna. Doing that would only reduce under age drinking, DUI, deaths related to alchohol, deal a heavy blow to the violent cartels that are killing off people in record numbers to push the plant, stimulate the economy with billions i ntax revenue and create jobs, and provide a safe alternative to alchohol with no addiction? and side effects. Fuck these ignorant politicians that refuse to do the common sense thing.

  6. MikeCANN says:

    Yes jailing people ruins lives but so does prohibition which forces? people to either risk their lives to purchase or grow it. It also creates disrespect for the rule of law. Funny how these folks preach small government only when it fits their needs. Tea party? More like sell out party.

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