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Race Against the Machine: Andrew McAfee at TEDxBoston

by tom44 on November 20, 2012

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“We ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to technology’s impact on the labor force.” Automation redefined blue collar employment and reshaped a global economy. Now, technology is replacing higher skilled jobs by augmenting human brainpower the way steam engines augmented human labor. Andrew McAfee braces us for a fundamental transformation in the future of work. In thespirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Video Rating: 4 / 5
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46 thoughts on “Race Against the Machine: Andrew McAfee at TEDxBoston

  1. Kirk House says:

    I read the book and 100% agree, the challenge is working with the assumptions baked into advanced economies. Middle class 30 year mortgages for example are likely not sustainable. How do you transition someone with a mortgage to a subsidized existence, regardless of how comfortable, without foreclosure?? Property ownership isn’t really the problem, long term debt associated with it is the problem.

  2. alstry says:

    When we are milking technology and not people for the production we need and desire, we can finally allow the entire population around? the world to climb the pyramid and it will truly become an an? Udder World.

  3. majik2hanz says:

    The real importance of this presentation and trend becoming more known is the impact of our outmoded financial – economic – business consumption based growth model in majority of world. It is diamatrically opposed, in? most regards, to promoting better quality of life overall for people, when those controlling the mechanisms and measuring the ‘success’ of activities maintain their station as elites by the very nature of the mechanism. This is main takeaway of TZM. Wisdom frees the controlled.

  4. majik2hanz says:

    An interesting dialogue that technological advance leads to – that most do not want to address – is, how do you measure (and value) human contribution to the community and what do you do with non contributing members of humanity. This depends on whether one believes resources? are finite or infinite. If resources are infinite, then non contributing members are not a drag on the species. If resources are finite, then non contributing members are a problem seeking a purpose. Think nature – ecology.

  5. majik2hanz says:

    Reason technical innovation in all fields during industrialization is most important development in human history is because it (for most part) simultaneously led to extendning human lifespan and generational intellectual capital overlap while decreasing humanity’s need to spend the most precious resource (TIME) on non cognitive tasks / activities. Once this relationship is flipped innovation grows? exponentially.

  6. AVKtt says:

    Just? demagogs =)

  7. DavidLawton93 says:

    “utopian”? A utopia is? a perfect world from fixed idea that doesn’t change, which is impossible because problems always rise. TVPs idea isn’t utopian because everything will be changing because of advances in science and technology.
    “That being said this world can not yet function with the societal model he envisions. Too much nationalism, religious fanaticism and too much greed.” I agree with this and I think that is why Jacque says the system will have to collapse first.

  8. SonOfNye says:

    Yes, I know. But tracing the idea back leads inexorable to the North American Technate. Jacque has certainly done his part in expanding the idea into a very utopian idea and I feel he has also kept more up to date with changes in technology and how to apply them. That being said this world can not yet function with the societal? model he envisions. Too much nationalism, religious fanaticism and too much greed. I’m hopeful, but I feel a stepping stone is needed, I feel that stone is Technocracy.

  9. DavidLawton93 says:

    Yes Jacque said he tried to reach them but they wouldn’t listen to him. How can Howard Scott claim h had the idea for a Resource Based Economy when people have their own interpretations of a Resource Based Economy?
    Basically Howard Scott thought of the technocrat resource? based economy and then Jacque Fresco expanded on it.
    Thats how ideas work don’t they? ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’… taking someones idea and improving on it

  10. SonOfNye says:

    TZM? adds nothing to the Venus Project but publicity that it did and does deserve minus Peter Joseph’s conspiracy theorist bend. That being said Jacque Fresco did not concoct the idea of a resource based economy, that claim goes to the late Howard Scott and the rest of the 1930’s North American Technate.

  11. DavidLawton93 says:

    LOL TZM is aiming for EXACTLY what TVP is? working towards so I don’t know where you’re getting your information but it’s wrong.
    Ask anybody involved with TZM or TVP, they will say the same. “Same goal, different methods”

  12. SonOfNye says:

    Technocracy does not have money. The other two are correct. A resource based economy which is a part of technocracy does not necessitate a stateless society in? the way that TZM builds the idea.

  13. DavidLawton93 says:

    Technocracy still has money, government and military. Don’t pretend you know what a Resource Based Economy is when? you don’t.

  14. Andrew Long says:

    The government could just pay everyone to stay home. Call it a lifetime stipend for simple living. Think of the pollution and cost savings of all that eliminated commuting? time, alone. Then everyone could go back to thinking about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to get a “job”.

  15. Branden Silva says:

    And your questions are all good questions man and? that’s what we need to be focusing on!

    I think society will be a combination of many of the best qualities of many existing systems. The driving force of innovation of capitalism. The health care and basic necessities supplied by technology like an efficient socialism. The unity might mimic a little bit of communism in the sense that society will flow much more efficiently in unison thanks to technology.

  16. SonOfNye says:

    Socialism –> Technocracy –> True communism.? I fixed it for you.

  17. SonOfNye says:

    TZM is just echoing Technocracy which actually lays out a plan for how such a society would function. Technocracy as an economic theory has been around since the? Great Depression and the Venus Project bases most of its work on What Howard Scott and the rest of the technocrats have proposed.

  18. SonOfNye says:

    Zeitgeist is just echoing Technocracy which actually lays out a plan? for how such a society functions.

  19. Lars Rune Nøstdal says:

    Like? what?

  20. Linkgt says:

    Check out Zeitgeist moving forward. Just one idea to throw out? there.

  21. Gravija1980 says:

    You do not need? to be afraid of the singularity. We will all be here for you.

  22. justanaveragething says:

    great? legs, guys!

  23. beautifulmsj says:

    You guys? better WERK !!!! Lol love it

  24. Vicky Gómez says:

    A part of me still hopes? to have a chance with any of them.

  25. Hyukjae4everyword says:

    This is the best crap I’ve seen on the internet. Seriously. You guys should get sponsors and do a world tour. I? would buy the tickets 😀

  26. ingridfun says:

    The main dude looks a lot like my ex except he’s English so that’s cool. Need to holla again.?

  27. telcuke says:

    I? love this!

  28. Axelblade79 says:

    This man is? my spirit animal.

  29. startmcatoday says:

    why is everyone talking about cashmca? .com ?

  30. dagirlizhot says:

    I hate my boss. I hate my coworkers. I hate my job. This is what I? am thinking in my head on week days.

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  33. iHavePinoyPride says:

    work those? muscles!

  34. Andrea Amicabile says:


  35. Saiku Rosino says:

    Hes so ugly, god what? are you talking about?

  36. mostafa wright says:

    i like it? black guy is hot

  37. ToxxicAsphyxiation says:

    this is? the single awesomest and truest thing ive seen in a long time

  38. UniqueGoneWronge says:

    I am female and that has to be the hottest thing i? have ever seen in life

  39. Vinny Olsauskas says:

    I am on the weird part of? YouTube..

  40. TheGogobooty says:

    This video has become a big part? of my life

  41. Luezur says:

    Love it! Great legs guys! ;-)?

  42. HotYaoiLove says:

    I could sit here and watch their gorgeous legs all day. Seriously. Is? it even legal for men to have legs that nice? XD Anyway. I love this video and they are fantastic dancers.

  43. Tk Yilma says:

    OMG I HATE MY JOB TOO! Maybe i need to weeerrrkkk it in the office like that lol?

  44. John David says:

    I know its just a song but, if you really hate your job i can teach you to work from home. Watch the full vid at Proper Income? dot com. I will help you make money right away 😀

  45. hizi2205 says:

    I want a freakin GIF of? 0:41-0:43 xDDD

  46. Makail Wilden says:

    i? just love it!!!:)

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