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Question to any one who went to Job Corp in California (specifically Los Angeles)?

by tom44 on May 24, 2013

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Question by Due May 12 2010..My 1st baby: Question to any one who went to Job Corp in California (specifically Los Angeles)?

I am considering going to the Los Angeles JC and I am not sure if I will stay off campus or on campus..

What was it like? I have driven by the area before when I was in LA for a visit (I Live In Fresno CA) If I stay off of campus I have a place to stay and transportation, but I am not sure if I want to drive out to Job Corp or the college they use for the LVN program, EVERY DAY.. But the good thing about staying off campus is that I could have all of my stuff safely (laptop, cell phone, etc)

I have orientation here in Fresno on Wednesday, but its only to get me started, I still have to go down there..

I already have my HS Diploma and CNA Certificate and all of I dont want to go through anything and any programs that I dont need.

Just let me know what you thought about the campus/living quarters, the instructors, and tell me anything you wish some one wouldve told you!

Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
my sister went to job corps and she lived there for about a year or something,maybe less, she really had good roommates, i’ve met them. about getting ur stuff stolen iunno about that but she didnt hav a problem about it. and in the job corps she went to each room has 3 beds for 3 people and ofc girls are seperated from boys… and thats all i know :]

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