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Q&A: Would you hire me for bartending?

by tom44 on July 23, 2012

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Question by : Would you hire me for bartending?
This is my resume for both nursing, bar tending, and everything else what ever comes my way
Name: Jane Doe
D.O.B: 07/03/1987
Contact phone number: (555)555-5555
drivers license #: don’t feel comfortable giving this out over internet
Availability for bartending: Saturday open-close & Sunday Open-close Min:$ 7+tips (able to train evenings for short time only)
Availability for nursing: Monday-Friday 6pm-4am Full Time Min:$ 12-$ 15 depending on duties
feel free to pay me more
Asking in advance: My mom is going in for open heart surgery soon and I will need those 2 weeks off

read and write, speak English
read and write basic, speak Spanish
speak very basic polish

High School:
Yes I have a high school diploma
Freshman year: East Hampton High school
Sophomore year: Haddam Killingworth High school, played soccer
Junior year: East Hampton High School, made honor roll
Senior year: Middletown High diploma program
Graduated: 2005

Manchester Community College
General studies
Played soccer 2005
Graduated: start date fall 2005-still actively enrolled 2011, 9 credits completed

CNA certified,
CPR certified
S.M.A.R.T. certified,
Forklift trained,
Valid drivers license, I drive Standard 5 speed I can drive anything
Boating license

Employment History of 10 years:

High school student
Job Description: 2 year baby sitter CPR certification, baby sat for 2 children $ 10 an hour, 6 months

High school student
Job description: 4 star restaurant, Moe’s restaurant, rout 16 Portland CT, waitress server $ 7.10 +tips part time weekends, 8 months, Very fast paced
Dance Student at green street art center
Dance Student at Odd Fellow’s play hose
Played soccer

High school student
Dance Student at green street art center

High school student, fall college semester,
Job Description: Tony’s pizza, Hartford rd Manchester CT, line cook pizzas, grinders, waitress, answer phone, some cleaning wage:$ 12.50 per hour +tips (not a sit in, tips went to the drivers most of the time) 6 months, Very fast paced (Friday nights very busy)

Student: John Casablanca’s Modeling school (unfinished, still able to go back and finish when ready)
Job Description: Exclusive lines, Burnside avenue East Hartford CT, air brush t-shirts, wage based on production 4 months, part time
Job description: Sears, Manchester CT Buckland Mall, hardware department, 2 1/2 years I.S.S. in store signing putting up signs before the store opened, Fixtures Plan-O-grams, and mainly doing stock and inventory, customer friendly, wage $ 7.10-$ 8.60 per hour, morning shift usually 8-10 hours with overtime at time and a half, part time/full time
Job Description: Burger king, Manchester CT, 1 day I quit, $ 8.15 per hour
Job Description: Shell gas, Cashier, 1 week, $ 8.50 per hour part time Monday Wednesday Friday

Job description: Sears same as above
Job Description: J.C. Penny logistics Warehouse, Manchester CT Tolland Turnpike, $ 10.50 per hour-$ 11.25 per hour, shipping/receiving, PTP line operator, some heavy lifting fast paced, ink tagger, 2 months instructor quarter raise, Full time 3 years, 2:30pm-12am with lots of overtime time and a half

College student: part time
Job Description: Sears same as above
Job Description: J.C. Penny logistics Warehouse same as above, full time
Job Description: Shaw’s Osco, over night stock and inventory, 5 months, part-time/fulltime, $ 10.50 per hour-$ 10.75 per hour

Job Description: unemployment lay offs from both jobs same time due to recession

off unemployment
Job description: Coleman brothers Amusements, Entertainer, I ran children’s games gave out prizes, Handled Money, helped out with set up and tear down in all weather conditions, some long distance traveling, min wage I quit under paid, part-time/full-time
Job Description: Savin Rock Amusements, Entertainer, I ran children’s games, Handled Money, ride operator, helped with set up and tear down in all weather conditions, some long distance traveling, $ 10 per hour, part time
Job Description: J.C. Penny Warehouse, they contacted me for rehire as a forklift driver, fulltime grave yard shift 12am-8:30am 5months, $ 11.15 per hour

Took a year off from working to have a baby, didn’t want to work while pregnant was able to live off money saved from previous employment

college student: C.N.A certified, S.M.A.R.T certified safe bartending, Boating License, CPR certified and I start school in the fall, part time one course only
About Me:
I have my own transportation
clean record
can pass a drug screen/test
up to date on all my shots including T.B.
Very professional, independent, fun, friendly, outgoing, takes pride in what ever it is that I’m doing, I like to be accurate and carry a strong scence of integrity, I like things to be some what consistent and I prefer to wo

Best answer:

Answer by Tiffany
Sure 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Would you hire me for bartending?

  1. Corvato says:


    Seems to me you don’t have any actual bar tending experience.

    Without actual experience… You would at most be hired as a bar back or server
    once you have that job, you will start learning the jobs and procedures, and eventually with that experience, you might be promoted to a bar tender.

  2. k. k. says:

    You have no bartending experience, so I wouldn’t hire you.

    Here’s a tip: remove any job from your resume that you didn’t work for at least one year. No one cares that you worked at a gas station for a week. It actually makes you look bad to mention very short employment. And really, get the modeling “school” off your resume. It’s just ridiculous, especially since you didn’t finish it.

    Did no one ever teach you how to write a professional resume? You really should research that.

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