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Q&A: Working place harrasment?

by tom44 on March 27, 2014

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Question by sandun: Working place harrasment?
Im working senior living at los angeles
Im working 3 month rite now.
Im working as a caregiver(cna)

One of lead caregiver all the time giving me hard time as follow

When i start work 6am she give me my assaiment like 6.45-7.00 am
One day when i waiting for my assiment she told me “oh you walking like a list dog”

Other day she never gave my assiment when i waiting for that she said if you not work company not suppose to pay you , you have to find to do someting, but she never gave a my assiment .
And every time she is chasing me find my fault.
Finally i told section cordinator about that.

And she alrady  told to her what i said.

Today morning she came and told me you have to tell me 1 st before go to coordinator and i try to explain she keep tell same thing and never let me to talk. 
Later one she gave me some assiment i never done before . That is the hardest assiment of the facility. I took assiment then i start that . I call some other person help she show up and gave me really hard time . Finally i inform to head of facility.

Is this happen 
Is that work place harassment 
What is the law about this happen to get help.
What i can have to do for this leagally.

Best answer:

Answer by Orange County Ca
I’d find another job if you don’t like this one.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Working place harrasment?

  1. trai says:

    That’s not even close to harassment. That’s the boss doing his or her job (which is to assign the work and assess the performance of the employees).

    If you don’t like having a boss, start your own company. If you just don’t want the boss to have a negative attitude toward you, stop whining and start doing a good job.

  2. Marcus says:

    Stop asking the same damn question.

    You have two choices

    Do your JOB and stop complaining



    you are not being harrassed just told your job when sitting around. IF you do not start until 6:45 to 7 why are you getting there so early anyway?

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