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Q&A: Why did detroit go from a booming city to a dump because of blacks?

by tom44 on March 22, 2013

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Question by Chim Pan Zee: Why did detroit go from a booming city to a dump because of blacks?
It was a growing and very successful city in the early 20th cetury and then towards the time blacks were starting to migrate to detroit it turned into a hell hole.
@ LARGE Harden Supercollider. Black people equals poverty.

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Answer by Sam
Dude… why are whites so arrogant?

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12 thoughts on “Q&A: Why did detroit go from a booming city to a dump because of blacks?



  2. Martha Focker says because I said so says:


  3. viva_la_bailee182 says:

    Your question is turning Yahoo Answers into a dump or “hell hole”. Haha.

  4. Frederick Douglas says:

    Write the Mayor and ask him.

  5. Large Hardon Supercollider says:

    Blacks didn’t turn Detroit into a hell hole, poverty did.

  6. Equal rights for blacks brotha A says:

    As if ghost towns are any better. Oh! I call the suburbs, the deep south and the trailer parks ghosts towns because they’re majority white

  7. Muntu says:

    So you want blacks to be treated like animals?

  8. Black King™ says:

    Neighborhoods and cities don’t exist in a vacuum. You understand each state and city has a budget ,right? A bunch of blacks move into one neighborhoods, the banks divest of those same neighborhoods. Businesses close up and move to white neighborhoods, jobs don’t hire them. Capital flight in the 60s and the drying up of Fordist factory jobs destroyed the urban core in this country. It’s called REDLINING. In some instances in the eighties the government actually paid impoverished families sums of $ 1000 to $ 3,500 to move into these neighborhoods not knowing what was in store with them. Rent control ensured that the supers wouldn’t have the funds to keep up these neighborhoods.

    You also have to be familiar with other things like Lyndon Johnson’s great society and the conflict it posed with spending for the War in Vietnam, Nixon’s subsequent assault on the spending for it, Reagan’s War on the Welfare state which began under Nixon and culminated in the War on Drugs which is a whole different topic. If you, you know like to READ then you’ll realize it’s a well documented economic phenomenon. Much like liquor-lining, gun-lining, and reverse-redlining. But I guess it’s easier to think a neighborhood is bad because the people there happen to have black skin.

  9. Waka Floka Ta says:

    Detroit went under because the factories went under and why did that happen… because their rich white owners moved the jobs overseas or to Mexico. White people, high society white people, ruined Detroit for everybody including other not as wealthy working class whites. Learn something about history, Detroit is one of the first major examples of jobs going abroad.

  10. Angela says:

    It’s not only black people living there. There are people of all races that live there, and they are poor, which is the cause for the city changing. This happens to a lot of towns, not just Detroit.

  11. Mo Mo says:

    Ask the governer to improve it

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