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Q&A: Who has had a Criminal Record( arrest not Convict) and had a Live Scan for a job?

by tom44 on January 11, 2014

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Question by Dragon: Who has had a Criminal Record( arrest not Convict) and had a Live Scan for a job?
Who here has had a criminal record( More specifically a charge Felony/Misdeminor) that was droped and you were not convicted.And you applied for a Job that required Fingerprinting( i.e Hospital job like CNA/MLT/ Phlebotomist etc). So You have had a crimical charge(assault or anything serious) that was dismissed and you are applying for a good job; and you have no conviction in your background.You also went thru a background check.You have also had the case expunged/sealed.You dont live in and your case was not in California.So please if anyone one here fits that above mentioned category of persons please help me answer the questions bellow
1) after expungemnt/sealing did the charges show up
2)Did your employer give you a chance to explain, if the charges showed up.
3)Did you talk to an attoney about Criminal Record Expungment etc, and if you did what did he/she say
4)Are you currently employed in a Good Job/still searching/or have been forced to work a crappy job
5)Do you think that the arrest record hindered your employment in anyway
Also please if you know of anyone else that fits this criteria otherthan yourself please share!!!!!!!!
Remember you have had the case Sealed/Expunged.
Also anyone who had this occur in New York/ MAryland/ MAssecheusets would be appreciated . Thanks
Okay another thing that just came up/ Someone just said something about Insurance Bonding Picking it up. Why is it that i would be discriminated against by the Insurance Co. I have not commited a crime i was falsy accused.I was not convicted,so why am i different from the rest of the employees; any of them could have been in my shoes. I should sue Companies like that for Trying to make an innocent man look like a criminal or a liability.

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Answer by yahoo user
Big question apply and tell them the truth after you have a interviewed and been accepted as if you don’t their bonding , insurance Co may pick it up on a routine check.

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