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Q&A: where to live in dallas – starter family in early 30’s?

by tom44 on April 15, 2014

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Question by Erica: where to live in dallas – starter family in early 30’s?
We are moving to Dallas area. Husband took a job at 635 and 75. Any ideas/suggestions where the young, starter families are moving?

Best answer:

Answer by Jason
Frisco for sure. It’s about 15 minutes north of 635 on the North Dallas Tollway. Awesome area for starter families. Houses range from $ 100s-300+. Very safe area with decent schools. Everything is out there a family needs, all grocery stores, best buy, petco, etc. Lots of things for familys/kids to do – Pizza Hut park has the professional soccer games (and fields for intermurals) the minor league hockey team plays at the stars center (Tollway just north of 121) and the minor league baseball team plays right next door. The Shops at Legacy (Legacy and the tollway) has lots of restaurants and bars for when you need a night for adults. Average age there is late 30s-40s.

Plus it’s growing like crazy. The latest study I read said Frisco would be the center of the DFW metroplex by 2020. So you’re looking at a good chance of making money on your house when you sell in the near future.

If you worked downtown it might be a tough drive, but for 635/75 it won’t be bad. You can drive the tollway south for about $ 4 each way then over to 635, or just take 75 south. Either way you’re looking at about a 35 minute drive during peak rush hour from 635 to 121, 15 minutes with no traffic. Sometimes it can be as bad as 45 minutes, but that’s not the norm.

Other nearby towns are McKinney & Allen. Further south you could do Plano (but their highscools aren’t that great – had bad heroin problems a few years ago) or Richardson.

If you are willing to have a much longer drive you could look out west in the Keller/Southlake area. It’s really nice out there, but the drive is horrible, 45mins-hour minimum to get to 635/75 during rush hour. Plus the highways are all under construction out there so you’re looking at even longer times for the next 6 months.

You could also head west to the Arlington area, but then you’ll be fighting a ton of traffic to get past downtown to the 635/75 interchange.

The only places I would avoid is east dallas, from downtown till skillman street. After Skillman it’s safe but expensive in the White Rock Lake (Lake Highlands) area. I lived off Gaston and Fitzhue (1 street behind multimillion $ homes on Swiss Ave) and literally had 6 people arrested on my front yard.

And avoid Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff is hit or miss. It’s kind of an up and coming area with lots of great restaurants and shops, but you’re always one neighborhood away from the ghetto. I lived an an AWESOME house there designed by an award winning exhibt designer for a few years. Then my house was surrounded by 8 cops on a foot chase man hunt and decided the suburbs didn’t sound so bad after all. It’s much better to visit on a night your heading to downtown.

South of downtown is a little ghetto too until you get to the more rural areas. If you’re looking for country living you might be happy out there, but traffic to 635/75 would be bad since you’re going past downtown.

I moved to frisco 2 years ago thinking I wouldn’t like it but absolutely love it. I’m in my mid 30s, no kids but not a party guy anymore and in a stable relationship. Girlfriend and I are both really happy up in frisco. She works at 635 just east of 75 too so we’re familiar with that drive.

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