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Q&A: Where Should I Move?

by tom44 on September 29, 2013

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Question by valued_maturity: Where Should I Move?
Right now im considering Tennassee or Alabama! Could someone please honestly and accurately answer me as to the good and bad attributes of these states. (doctors, jobs,etc) My baby is almost due so im trying to make a decision quick! ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GLADLY ACCEPTED WITH AN EXPLAINATION….THANKS!!!

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Answer by im kewl
Kentucky great land places to play for your baby

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Where Should I Move?

  1. tumbleweed1954 says:

    I’ve lived in both states but I prefer the West. Nevada is nice. Good weather, good scenery and jobs.

  2. eight_ball8 says:

    Have lived in both states — medical care is *MUCH* better in TN than in AL. Nashville or Memphis are both very hip, happening cities with relatively low cost of living and good availability of social services (including good health care.)

  3. Ash says:

    I live in Alabama, and it is a wonderfull place to be. You’re not too far from the beach or the mountians. I would try to get close to Montgomery or Birmingham. I live in Auburn and I LOVE it.

  4. Herschel K says:

    Move west. I’ve been to the southeast on business several times and to me even the big cities (Charlotte, Atlanta) have a big time redneck feel to them. Go west, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah. Stay the hell away from California, Oregon and Washington unless you are loony lefty and enjoy getting taxed to the eyeballs.

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