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Q&A: Where is a good home comparison guide online?

by tom44 on August 27, 2013

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Question by Jeff: Where is a good home comparison guide online?
I am considering selling (yeah I know it may not be the right time) but I want to re-locate in an area that is not growing right now but has the potential to grow in the next few years. Kinda want to get ahead of the next boom.

Where is there good free advice on the subject?

Best answer:

Answer by DJ B
The best one to contact, who has been in your area for years, who works in the business, is a Realtor. Don’t waste your time trying to find those types of answers on line. Call three Realtors who have worked your area and have one or both designations (GRI/CRS). They are your expert.

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One thought on “Q&A: Where is a good home comparison guide online?

  1. Eric Fernwood says:

    We moved to Las Vegas from Hoboken, NJ (across the Hudson River from Mid town Manhattan). We choose Las Vegas for very specific reasons and approximately 80,000 others will choose Las Vegas for similar reasons. Yes, in a down economy, approximately 80,000 people will move here.

    Economy – I changed careers from international sales (250+ days a year of travel!) to Realtor and wanted a place with a pro business, always growing economy where there are plenty of jobs. Las Vegas is having a bad year like every other place. The difference is that Las Vegas will “only” gain about 80,000 people and 40,000 jobs this year. And, the economy will keep growing. In the history of Las Vegas a total of $ 15B was invested in “The Strip”. Over the next 5 years, $ 32B is already committed for new hotel/casinos/high rise condos. Also, Homes prices are down and you can negotiate great deals.

    Pro Business State – Nevada’s corporate laws are essential a copy of Delaware’s because Delaware had the most business friendly laws. Las Vegas is also determined to diversify and not only have a single business (entertainment). They set out to become the furniture capital of the US and now they are. They also targeted cancer research centers and tow there are several. So, Las Vegas will continue to grow because of the state and city government’s focus on business and growth.

    Cost of living – you can get a good home here for a reasonable price. No state taxes, property taxes are reasonable, gas and food are reasonable as well. My medical insurance is less than half of what it was in NJ.

    Entertainment – We love shows and entertainment. If you go to the half price ticket places, you can see a great show for a very reasonable price (a lot like the place on Times Square only about 1/2 the price). All the lights remind me of Time Square as well.

    Nature – We are near several state and national parks. We live on the west side of town and I can be on a trail in Red Rock Canyon (a beautiful place) in less than 20 minutes. An even better place is Valley of Fire but that is almost an hour’s drive. Mediocre skiing is about an hour and 15 minutes. Great skiing is about 3 hours away. Boating is a little over an hour (Lake Mead). Death Valley national park (one of the most outstanding places I have ever been to) is about 2 hours away.

    People – When we first moved here, it took am about 2 months before I realized that most of the people (not The Strip area) were nice. Not a normal occurrence in NJ or NYC. Took a little adjusting on my part but happy to have made it.

    Traffic – Nothing even close to what I hit in LA, the Bay Area, NYC, etc.. Love it! Also, even valet parking at the casinos (great food at reasonable prices!) is free, not $ 20/hour parking.

    Land Shortage – while there are vast open areas around Las Vegas, almost all of it is federal or state owned. In Nevada, only about 11% of the land is in the hands of individuals. This has resulted in a lot of high rise condos being built. And, while we are in a buyer’s market now, the influx of people, constant supply of good jobs, pro business environment combined with the land shortage will make Las Vegas a great place to catch the “next wave.”

    In summary, I find Las Vegas a great place to live. Here is my “Why Las Vegas” page on my website: . And, feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.

    Hope this helps.

    Eric Fernwood

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