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Q&A: Where can someone find a well paying, caregiver job in San Diego?

by tom44 on June 9, 2012

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Question by Ch??i???: Where can someone find a well paying, caregiver job in San Diego?
CNA, CHHA, Aid, Caregiver

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Answer by db14
The newspaper…

Those jobs aren’t well paying….go back to school.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Where can someone find a well paying, caregiver job in San Diego?

  1. Sunny Flower says:

    If you are wanting to help families of seniors who seek help with caregiving, I would suggest that you connect with the Area Agency on Aging that serves your county.

    The folks that will know the details about programs and services that are available –and would know groups and organizations who hire caregivers. These groups are one of the best kept secrets around for older Americans and their families who are seeking information on care options, so they would have links with families who might be interested in hiring you to help. Area Agencies on Aging have services and connections to programs that can help family caregivers.

    You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find how to contact the Area Agency on Aging serving where you live.

    After you get the phone number for your local Area Agency on Aging and make the call, ask for the staff that handles “Information and Assistance” or the “Family Caregiver” program.

    It would be advisable for you to have information ready about your experience and training as a caregiver for elders, refernces and information that potential employers can use to do a background check.

    If you do contact your local Area Agency on Aging and like the help that they give you, let your local county officials and your folks in Congress know. Or consider making a contribution to support their work. Area Agencies on Aging don’t have big budgets– and appropriations for the Older Americans Act, the legislation that makes this help possible– have not increased significantly for about 25 years!

    Hope this helps! Thanks for caring about elders. Good luck with your plans!

  2. kavekarst says:

    I looked into it. Started at what looked like a private estate with white clad staff standing around looking busy. HR was busy with client complaints so I talked with four frail seniors
    who stared at their visitor as if from Mars. Because of the minimum wage starting gate and five step promotion ladder that paid in twenty cent additions the only staffing came from
    state trained penal population. Well, it explained the tattoo’s.
    They said the state had lots of prospective placements just
    waiting for sentences to expire. I asked if the staff could live
    off their salary and the old folks laughed. The job was a mask
    for other things they said pointing at the employee parking lot.
    No rust buckets there. Hmmm. I had a large following at my
    departure and even the HR staff came outside to stare.

    The second stop was a private labor service. I read their own
    hire wanted postings. Several denoted, um, long term health
    care facilities. My service person said a CNA was standard
    in that industry but one had to be a LPN to rise to the actual
    living wage minimum and RN staff usually led middle class
    lifestyles. When I began to discuss penal training my service
    person stopped me, saying he declined to place felons, and
    asked me to leave.

    I did so without correcting the error. Let me wish you good luck in San Diego but suspect the Illegals thereabouts have
    all the better paying work in health care fields. Suggest my
    reader become US Army medic and go where the work is.

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