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Q&A: Where can I find medical internships in/near sacramento?

by tom44 on July 17, 2013

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Question by chubbybunny: Where can I find medical internships in/near sacramento?
I’ve had an externship before as a medical assistant. I’ve also been volunteering at a hospital for almost two years. I really want more experience and have been trying to search for internships on the internet, but can’t seem to find any good ones for me since some have requirements that I don’t meet. So, does anyone know where or how I can go about finding a medical internship in sacramento or fair oaks?
From experience, can you list hospitals that do internships? Like, what hospitals have you interned at or hospitals that you know accept internships?

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Answer by Rob
get your walking shoes on.
walk to each every hospital and ask them.

they do not list online.

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One thought on “Q&A: Where can I find medical internships in/near sacramento?

  1. Lonnie says:

    There are many people, places and organizations that need interns and volunteers. Here are some tips for getting started:

    Look around your community for health-care facilities: hospitals, community health clinics, dental clinics, outpatient surgical centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, private doctor’s offices and mental health clinics. Call or visit the facilities, tell them about your interests and ask if they need help.
    Talk to someone you know who works in the field and find out if they can put you in touch with someone who needs an intern or volunteer.
    Ask a career counselor at your school about opportunities.
    Check local community college career centers and Web sites for internship and volunteer listings.

    Start here to find an internship or volunteer job near you:

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