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Q&A: Where can i find a job in Saginaw Michigan for handicapped people ?

by tom44 on March 17, 2013

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Question by btiger822: Where can i find a job in Saginaw Michigan for handicapped people ?
I need a job. I can only work sitting down. i have no desire to go back to school.

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Answer by AcadianXmas
I would check out Craigslist for Detroit which has jobs posted for Saginaw.

Here is a customer service job:

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Tips for a job hunt. There is more hiring happening!

? “Forget what’s available out there” and go for the job you want the most.

? Change the message on your answering machine: Put the kind of work you’re looking for in your greeting. “Hi this is Heather. I’m busy right now looking for a job in the finance department at a startup company. I recently saw a candidate wearing a t-shirt with a brief summary of their skills. Now that is marketing yourself!

? Write the phrase “Pay no attention to whether there is an opening (vacancy)” on a piece of paper, paste it on your bathroom mirror and memorize it and repeat it to yourself every morning. It will speed up your job search and you’ll keep a positive outlook. Use the web and library (ask the reference librarian) to get ideas on companies you should target.

? Concentrate the majority of your search on companies with fewer than 100 employees. Just because the larger firms are having layoffs doesn’t mean the smaller companies aren’t hiring. The recovery is already underway at smaller companies.

? Get out of the house. Knock on doors. Do research online or at the library about the places you’d like to work. Then stop in and ask if they are hiring anyone with your skills. Your physical presence will make an impression on the hiring authority. Or tell them “I already e-mailed my resume and
I would like to put a face with the resume I sent (have a hard copy in your hand). Tell the receptionist that you need her help. At one company where I worked an applicant showed up in a bunny suit, skip that bunny suit idea.

? Be willing to look at different kinds of jobs: full-time, part-time, short term contracts, temporary jobs etc. Consider these jobs as a bridge.

? Join a job seeking support group to get you going and to sustain your momentum. This is so crucial. You are not alone out there. Don’t miss an opportunity to network. My hairstylist and Doctor have referred many great candidates to me. I heard about someone who told their Doctor they needed work, they had a job the next day. Join your alumni! Network at your church. Keep seeking new ways to market yourself.

? Make a simple business card with the job you are looking for along with your contact info and e-mail address. The office supply stores sell the business cards stock so you can print them at home and save a bundle. I added a postage stamp sized photo to my business card. I saw a minature resume on one side of biz card.

? Don’t be wearied by rejection. The more noes you get out of the way, the closer you are to a yes.

? Dont’ just e-mail your resume. Try Faxing and snail ( U.S.) mailing your resume & cover letter. Companies are overwhelmed by e-mailed resumes. I know someone who got an interview and job at Kaiser by faxing her resume, her e-mailed resume didn’t get noticed because of the volume of resumes they receive. If a company requests no faxed resumes honor their request and snail ( U.S.) mail it instead. If you know an employee at the company ask them to submit your resume. Your chances for an interview go up dramatically by using these techniques. After you submitted your resume call and follow up.

? Your resume needs to be a marketing brochure on you. List your accomplishments and the results. A great resume is just the ticket to the interview, a mediocre resume is ignored. Check out the resume tips link listed below.

? Got goals? Write down a list of ten realistic and specific goals. Create them as if you already achieved them. For example “I earn $ 75,000 a year” or “I am the Manager of Product Development”. Then list everything you can do to achieve each goal, act on specific item now. Goals give you a tremendous sense of control, a real sense of power. Don’t share your goals with anyone.

? Resume Tips . Use only 10 point Arial or Times Roman fonts for your resume. Recruiters dislike functional resumes, stick with a chronological resume. A resume should not go back more than 10 to 12 years with a few exceptions such as you worked for 16 years at one company. Objectives can be misinterpreted and hurt your chances. Unless you are a new grad or changing careers you don’t really need an objective. Leave out personal information that is not related to your career, The year you graduated should not be included. Always use a spellchecker. Try not to view your resume as a biography about you, rather it needs to be a marketing brochure about you. It only has one purpose and that is to get you an interview.

? Most company websites list their executive managment. E-mail and call the VP responsible for the dept. where you want to work. E-mail then call him/her with your best pitch. Tell the V.P. how you can solve problems as they relate to the position you want. Remember hiring is all about solving problems. Have you ever called the CEO and asked for her advice on how to get an interview? This worked for someone I know. She gave a 30 second pitch and that focused on the skills she could contribute to the company. The CEO had someone call and arrange an interview. This fired up her job search and spoke with other CEO’s including John Chambers of Cisco. See the next section on how to get the e-mail address for anyone at a company.

? Job hunting can be stressful. Avoid listening to the news because negative economic news will undermine your job search or drain your energy. Negative people will also derail you, so avoid them. Try to avoid job hunting burn out by scheduling time for fun and excercise.

? Share job hunting ideas with others who are between jobs. These tough times will not last.

? It is all about helping each other.

I have heard many people tell me that they never heard about the results of an interview. If you have interviewed and you have not been called or e-mailed with the results then call the company. If you were contender for a job and you didn’t get it…ask the recruiter or hiring manager for honest feedback that could help you in the next job opportunity. A candidate shared with me that after fifteen interviews the frustration of missing the mark was taking a toll. The candidate was using the following closing remark at the end of the interview “I really didn’t want this job anyway”. The candidate thought this would get them fired up. This was not a winning closing statement. The candidate decided to use “Do you have any concerns about my abilties to do this job” and then addressed any concerns. A good follow up would be “what are the next steps?

Share job hunting ideas with others who are between jobs.

It is all about helping each other.

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