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Q&A: Where can I find a good paying job with a High school diploma?

by tom44 on November 21, 2012

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Question by Stephanie Zimmerman: Where can I find a good paying job with a High school diploma?
I live in Delaware and is looking for work. What are some good paying jobs with a high school diploma that I can apply for? I am willing to travel to Philadelphia.
I plan to have a good paying job for awhile to help me pay for my real dream as a photographer. I would need to buy cameras ect. and still be able to have some money for me.
I am a woman

Best answer:

Answer by Kenmlin
Almost none. Having only high-school diploma doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain some trainings that will lead to good-paying jobs.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Where can I find a good paying job with a High school diploma?

  1. Tim says:

    You can make a fairly good living working in the trades. It may require some apprenticeship training, but a plumber, pipefitter, electrician, or mechanic can make a decent living.

    Entering into the military is also a good option, as it will allow you access to training and the GI Bill for college.

  2. Joe says:

    Start your own low-cost business if at all possible. You’ll never likely get ahead working for others beginning at your level, but you can become like Gates working for yourself. You might want to things like various cleaning and lawn maintenance service, as one example. Or photography or anything.

  3. Klack says:

    I also just graduated high school and I am working as a certified nursing assistant in an assisted living center and I make pretty good money! Better than most high school graduates. However there is some training needed to be a CNA but it isn’t very expensive or very long. Working in a facility or a hospital you will make anywhere from 8 to 10 dollars an hour but if you want to do homehealth you can make up to 15-17 dollars an hour depending on the company that you work for!

  4. Mostly Harmless says:

    You can’t, unless you get lucky. The best paying jobs that I know of for people with only a high school education are in call centres. Even that will max out at about $ 13/hr once you’ve been there a while. No guarantee of full time hours.

    There are things that don’t require a lot of training. Someone already mentioned CNA…that doesn’t pay well in the grand scheme (the wage she mentioned is lower than minimum wage where I live in Canada), but it will be better than working at Walmart or Burger King. It will also likely get you full time hours, which can be hard to get in retail or food service.

    Have a look at the websites of public community colleges in your area, and see what certificates they offer. Certificate programs are usually only 1 year or less. Having any kind of trained job skill can at least let you make enough money to rent a room and move out.

    Please, please, PLEASE stick with public community colleges. For profit schools (Everest, University of Phoenix, Kaplan, all the places you see advertised on TV) are a total waste of time and money. They grossly overcharge so you’ll never be able to pay off your loans, and their degrees/certificates are not respected by employers (because their programs are crappy.) They just take money from people, they don’t care about giving a good education.

    One other thing, be wary of real estate. It’s tempting for a lot of people because you can get your sales license in under a year, and there are no requirements for being hired by a brokerage. It’s a hard job, though, and it really leaves you hung out to dry…you are paid *only* on commission, and you have to pay for your own car to get to your appointments, your insurance, even your own advertising to get your name out there. Most people quit within a few months because they can’t make any money, and it costs them money in the mean time.

    So unless you know for a fact that you are great at sales, I would avoid real estate.

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