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Q&A: When will the union-rich democrap party ever create jobs in Detroit and in the USA?

by tom44 on August 6, 2012

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Question by MaØ-bama: When will the union-rich democrap party ever create jobs in Detroit and in the USA?
Democraps have a new term, “Jobs saved”. It is impossible to measure, and they equate it to job creation. The whole democrap party is a sham and lie.

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Answer by Pragmatic1

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10 thoughts on “Q&A: When will the union-rich democrap party ever create jobs in Detroit and in the USA?

  1. Baby1 says:

    They have saved and created jobs….in the Government. None in the private sector.

    Bunch of hypocritical losers. “For the people” my as*.

  2. Doorstop says:

    Maybe if Detroit would of built cars people wanted for the last 30 years instead of the “last for 5 years need a new one” model. Blame the auto companies for their failings. The government did not tell GM to build the Hummer.

  3. Obama supported Commie Odinga says:

    I heard they took the GM Plant from Tennessee and moved it to Detroit- ITs just a political game for the Michigan dems to get more votes in Nov. Im sure GM will eventually FAIL again in Detroit- nobody wants to buy those tiny tin battery cars! How dumb! Batteries need ENERGY- that doesn’t solve anything! It only makes people LESS SAFE IN A TINY CRAPPY CAR!

  4. Bert says:

    My husbands union has over 200 people sitting on the books. lol. And thats just one union. There are a lot of union jobs that haven’t been saved OR created yet, either. I keep hearing him and his co-workers complaining about the current administration…half of them didn’t even vote for Obama.

  5. edsncasux says:

    When the repulicans stand up and take responsibility of their actions!

  6. Block Me II says:

    My favorite part of Obama’s campaign was when he said he was going to “bring jobs back to Detroit”. The rubes in the audience cried in joy and clapped their fat paws. I knew at that point just how stupid Americans are and that those people that voted for him in Detroit got exactly what they deserve. I hope they enjoy living in a third world country with nothing but despair and broken promises. It makes me happy when people have their noses rubbed in their mistakes, they will be regretting their decision to be ignorant and gullible for LIFE.

  7. Rocky says:

    The only jobs Democrats support are no-show union positions.

  8. Liz says:

    It will be hard as they priced themselves out of the jobs.

  9. whosudaddynow says:

    You can start by trading in your Yugo.

  10. Paul Grass™ says:

    As soon as Kilwame Killpartick is release from prison they’ll hop right on that

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