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Q&A: What would be a good job for someone who wants to get out of insurance claims?

by tom44 on June 7, 2013

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Question by Sam Brooks: What would be a good job for someone who wants to get out of insurance claims?
I want to get out of the insurance claims world. I hate the business and I hate dealing with people who have experience loss. My degree is in English. I have applied to a lot of Human Resources jobs with no call backs although I have an excellent work history with proven results. Thank you for any constructive advice that can be given.

Best answer:

Answer by MSAD
You have no experience in human resources and your degree is not applicable. That’s why those jobs are not calling you.

What type of insurance work did you do?
Did you have a good relationship with any vendors that may be hiring.

If you worked as an adjuster handling injury claims, you may want to look into getting a paralegal certificate. Of course, paralegals don’t make the kind of money adjusters make.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: What would be a good job for someone who wants to get out of insurance claims?

  1. zigzigfan says:

    You can work on the other side of the business and work at the front end of the business writing new insurance policilies

  2. Someone Else says:

    Oh man, I feel your pain.

    That’s exactly where I was a number of years back. I got into the claim insurance work right after college, and I did well. I eventually advanced to handling the most complex and litigated general liability claims. But I desperately wanted to do something else.

    I got two job offers in the same week. One was to be an investigator for the Attorney General’s office. The other, which I accepted, was to be a Personnel and Safety Manager of a transportation company. The transportation company had recently become self-insured up to $ 250,000 for each accident, and they were completely unaware as to how to manage that risk. So in addition to managing the HR department and the Safety Department, I was responsible for all the accident and injury claims. And then when they discovered I was a computer nerd, I also became the computer tech guy. My job was to keep all their computers and network running, and resolve software and hardware problems.

    This really turned out to be a great job. I had staff working for me who did most of the hiring and safety stuff. (We averaged ten new hires PER WEEK.) After 7 years, I was promoted to the home office in Atlanta as Claims Manager, and overseeing all claims and litigation company-wide. But my office was still in Minneapolis. Later, we hired three more claims managers, and split the country into 4 sections. We had about 400 physical locations across the USA, which was too much for one person to manage.

    It was a ten-year gig, with 3 years as claim manager. The company had merged with some other companies, and then went public. And then we got bought out, and then the new owners moved the home office to Houston, Texas. I declined to move to Houston, and my job was over.

    How did I get the job? Just lucky, I guess. I do have a business degree, and part of that included course work in human resources. But I think it was mostly my claims background that they wanted. They would meet with our TPA to discuss claims once a month, and they felt they were totally “out gunned” by the claims adjusters. They really wanted someone strong who could go toe-to-toe with the people from the TPA, and make sure they were handling our claims correctly.

  3. mbrcatz says:

    You posted this to the insurance board, right? You want to ask insurance people how to get OUT of insurance? I’d suggest seeing a recruiter. You’re definately looking in the wrong places, to get OUT of insurance.

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