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Q&A: What type of doctor makes the most amount of money, and how much?

by tom44 on March 25, 2013

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Question by Matt Caps: What type of doctor makes the most amount of money, and how much?
I would like to possibly be a doctor in Los Angeles when I get a bit old. I would like to know how much these doctors get paid, what’s the risk of becoming this type of doctor, and how long must you go to university to master in this profession (I am willing to take as many years as it takes)?

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Answer by Andy
Hello, I’m a podiatrist and know what being a doctor is like. Podiatrists don’t make the most of any doctor. Doctor’s that make the most money are general surgeons, vascular surgeons, orthopedists, oncologists. Basically any medical specialist…the more specialized, the more in demand you are. Heart surgeons make the most I’d say. But, if you want to go to medical school and be a doc for money, that is totally the wrong reason and you’ll be really unhappy even though you’re filthy rich. First of all, the stress of dealing with people in distress is difficult. If you don’t care for people, you’ll hate your job, be uninterested, patients won’t come to you. Number two, 50% of medicine is paperwork and figuring out how to bill insurances, run your medical practice. Third, the more specialized and important medical career you have, the more busy you are and will have less family time (12 – 16 hour work day, always on call for emergencies). The time to be a doc is 2 years of pre-med or 4 year undergrad degree, 4 years medical school, 3 years residency to be a family doctor, 2-6 years more residency to specialize. Medical school runs at least $ 30,000 a lots of student loans that you’ll be paying for years after school. Residents get paid to be in training, but just $ 40K to $ 50K. So, to sum up…don’t choose a career for money…choose it because it’s your passion in life. I was helped by a personality test called the Myers-Briggs test. It really helped me choose my career.

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