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Q&A: What to wear for receptionist job interview at a law firm?

by tom44 on November 18, 2013

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Question by Sue: What to wear for receptionist job interview at a law firm?
It’s a busy firm in downtown Boston. Do I have to wear a skirt suit? Or can I just wear a nice button down white shirt with a black skirt? The problem is, the suit I have is wool and it’s going to be in the 80s here tomorrow.

Best answer:

Answer by Angie
For a Boston law firm, I would strongly suggest the skirt suit. Even though the temperatures will be warm, those firms are extremely conservative. You need to look the part.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: What to wear for receptionist job interview at a law firm?

  1. lovebeads1 says:

    You need to wear the suit. Be as business as you possibly can. Wool, being a natural fiber, will help wick away your sweat if you get hot, just be sure to wear a natural fiber shirt like cotton under it. If you get this job you are going to have to buy a lot more business clothes. Try Ross Burlington Coat Factory or TJ Max for good designers at great prices.

  2. Lorna says:

    The most importan onsideration is your interview. Wear somethin comfortable so you can focus on your interview but make sure it is not too comfortable as wearing casual attire. Any business attire that is presentable, clean and newly pressed will do. Be sure to shine your shoes too.

  3. Star says:

    Wear a suit. Remember that, as a receptionist, you will be the first person that a client, opposing counsel, etc. will see. So, you have to make a good impression on your potential bosses and colleagues.

    Don’t forget to wear nylons too.

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