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Q&A: What should my best friend and I do in order to move to Chicago?

by tom44 on April 7, 2013

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Question by bleachbum23: What should my best friend and I do in order to move to Chicago?
We are juniors and need a plan for after high school.We are from Florida and want to become RN’s but we would really love to leave to Chicago as soon as we can.Would it be possible to save up money,move to chicago,get a job as a cashier or something while working towards out Associates Degrees in Nursing?
Any other suggestions would be nice and I don’t want ANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!
Also don’t state the obvious.We know we need a job and to save up! Just give us a plans or suggestions….thank you

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Answer by Emily Winchester

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What should my best friend and I do in order to move to Chicago?

  1. Jo W says:

    Indeed you do need a plan – so get thinking! No good expecting strangers to do all the legwork for you when we know nothing at all about you.

  2. M W says:

    You need to start by deciding which school you want to go to and how much it will cost. Figure out if you are eligible for grants, scholarships, loans, etc or how much your parents will pay towards it.

    Once you know that, then you can think about the cost of living: Rent, food, transportation, insurance, phone, cable TV, internet, utilities, etc.

    Chicago is a very expensive place, the winters are terrible, driving is a nightmare and safety is always an issue. Look at a school near Chicago, some hospitals have schools of nursing and many places will hire you with an associates rather than a bachelor’s degree.

    I would not make the move unless I had funding for my education in place and at least $ 5,000 in cash each. Jobs in Illinois are just as scarce as in all the other states and it probably won’t be any better next year or the year after. Most cashier jobs would be minimum wage.

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