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Q&A: What kind of jobs stem from a International Relations degree?

by tom44 on June 19, 2013

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Question by What kind of jobs stem from a International Relations degree?
I was just wondering what jobs stem from this and do they pay well and how do you get a job with them?

Best answer:

Answer by fdm215
Well, it could be many things: foreign service member, political staffer, non-profit officer or manager. Some of them pay well and some pay poorly. For example, if you work for a senator’s office just out of school expect to be paid relatively little. However, the experience will probably allow you to get a job which pays very well later in your career. On the other hand, foreign service jobs pay well but are very difficult to qualify for and you may be assigned to a country or region you have no interest in.

You get these jobs the way you get any other, prepare yourself, do the research and apply! If you are interested in studying IR, why not contact the school and ask to speak with one or two of the programs professors. You could also speak with the student placement office to find out what sort of positions its graduates have landed. Good luck.

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