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Q&A: what kind of job would be most needed in las vegas?

by tom44 on April 18, 2013

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Question by cuddlybear: what kind of job would be most needed in las vegas?
i’m contemplating on moving to vegas with my 18 year old daughter, we both hold a british passport though, which i thought would not not be a problem, with the recession in mind, i’m quite worried about jobs availability. i’ve been looking into taking an online course here in uk in field of medical like medical terminology or office assistant, please advice, thanks.

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Answer by Heather
right now we need teachers:)

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: what kind of job would be most needed in las vegas?

  1. banananose_89117 says:

    Jobs are very scare except for housekeeping. And don’t look at doctors’ offices for jobs because many are finding that due to the tight money situation, people are NOT visiting their doctors.

    Unemployment is over 13%, the highest in the State’s history. 2300 businesses are declaring bankruptcy a month.

    But you also need more than a passport. You need a valid green card for a job.

  2. No longer waiting! says:

    medical field personnel are a dime a dozen. Those who speak bilingual/spanish are in more need.

    Their always turning out new graduates for blood drawers/phlebotomy. Whatever its spelled.

    I say you still need a green card to work in the US. Seen the show border patrol. A UK women with her cat got turned away cause she was suspicious to move into the us, Cause she brought in tons of stuff! than just tourist around. She was denied entrance. This was at the airport. A long flight and turned back!

    Wrong paperwork equals denied USA entrance!

  3. Chris A says:

    You will not even be allowed entry into the country unless you have a job and work visa already lined up, or you have a U.S. family member that signs a ‘sponsorship’ form, basically saying they will support you indefinitely.

    Immigration to the United States is an incredibly complicated and difficult process, and most people that apply do NOT get in.

  4. s????b???? s??s???? ????? says:

    School Bus Drivers. I ride the bus, and many bus drivers are disappearing .

  5. john m says:


  6. Dude says:

    Anything in the Field of medicine or if you want quick cash and lots of it, become a waitress and make 200 to 400 a night serving drinks in one of those body suits.

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