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Q&A: What kind of experience do I need for an entry level public accounting job?

by tom44 on January 16, 2014

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Question by jn_cutting: What kind of experience do I need for an entry level public accounting job?
I just finished my BA degree and am studying for the CPA exam. I have basic bookkeeping experience but am not sure if that is enough to get me through the door. My question is, what type of work experience are CPA firms looking for in entry level candidates. I have heard some people say that without experience they can’t find a job even after passing the CPA exam and finishing their degree.

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Answer by Ryan M
Any experience is good experience in accounting. Most of the people we hired right out of college at my old firm had ZERO experience and only about 10% had actually internship or relevant experience. In fact, I had zero experience myself. The difficulty in finding a job will depend on where you live. Places like Los Angeles and New York (major metro areas) are going to be much better than more “rural” cities like Denver, Cleveland, or Phoenix that are NOT worldwide major financial hubs.

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