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Q&A: What jobs can i get with a social policy and criminology BA degree?

by tom44 on May 12, 2013

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Question by Nicky: What jobs can i get with a social policy and criminology BA degree?
Or is there any further studies that i can do to get better jobs?

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Answer by Ari
cashier at a supermarket.maybe teller at a bank

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What jobs can i get with a social policy and criminology BA degree?

  1. darkvelvetrain says:

    That depends on the country you are in. I would argue that in the United States, a BA, in general, isn’t worth the paper it is printed on for getting a job.

    Most jobs that require degrees in a specific field require graduate level degrees. That would definitely be the case with social science degrees. Don’t bother getting a social science degree unless you are willing to get at least a Master’s degree to go along with it.

    With an MA in Sociology or Criminology, you could go work as a research associate for a police or public safety department – collect and analyze a lot of data, catalog crime statistics, etc. Or you could work as an agent for the FBI, DHS, DEA, etc. Maybe a private investigator or security-type job.

  2. Daniel John says:

    I would look for a job in civil service, , i.e. working for the government. Yes, there are advanced degrees you can get. Perhaps the best 2 options would be a J.D or an M.B.A, as those degrees can better help you in your government job advancement. But, personally, I’m a big fan of getting experience before beginning a graduate degree, even if it’s just one year of pushing paper.

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