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Q&A: what jobs are there in chicago working with children/teens with disabilities?

by tom44 on January 5, 2014

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Question by pedro: what jobs are there in chicago working with children/teens with disabilities?
I just graduated from college and am headed to chicago. My degree is in math, but I am looking for a job working with children/teens. I have over 6 years experience in schools/daycares/camps and have been working with children with disabilities for the past year. I really want to find a job working with teens with disabilities, but i’m not really sure where to start.

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Answer by chris J
Hey I live in Dallas, and Work with kids with disabilities, I like it. I would love to talk to you .. I have never been to Chicago.. We have a student who came from Chicago.. Contact me if you wish..
Not to worry, i am not a sicko .. Really..

You may want to try Being a teachers assistant, that is what I do.. I contacted the school administration and filled out an application.. There is always one school which houses kids with disabilities, and always need teachers assistants..

Hey, did you work at Texas Lions Camp???

OK Hope this helps, and hope to hear from you.. Make a new friend…Via email..

And No, i am not a sicko.. i am as normal as they come..

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