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Q&A: What jobs and experience are there for prospective teachers?

by tom44 on August 20, 2013

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Question by REAL Blond: What jobs and experience are there for prospective teachers?
Hey there!

I am in the works of becoming a teacher. Teaching for k-2nd grade and coaching for a high school dance team. I want to start my teaching prep and gain experience. What are the requirements for assistant and substitute teaching? I already looked on websites, didn’t find much. Also, what other jobs can I get into to prepare for teaching? And FYI, I am about to transfer to a CSU to get my B.A. and credentials. Thanks! :o)

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Answer by Tahuti Reincarnate
In my state you need your Bachelor’s to sub. But, if you’re still in college and want experience you can always tutor. If you’re a graduate and can’t find that first job without some experience, subbing is fine, but if you can fine a parochial school job (catholic schools have high turnover because of the low pay) or a job in the South (where teachers are paid low salaries) then move back to a more preferable locale, that is a better option. (I taught in Maryland before moving back to PA)

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