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Q&A: What is the job market like in the San Francisco Bay Area?

by tom44 on November 16, 2012

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Question by belou103: What is the job market like in the San Francisco Bay Area?
I am looking to relocate to the San Francisco Bay area (and surrounding areas) and was wondering what the job market is like. I am mainly looking for jobs with the government and defense arena.

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Answer by not 2 B fooled
I am in Southern Calif, but can direct you to some helpful websites: – State of Calif for all of state – a Federal job site
there are others but these will give you an idea of the employment market

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One thought on “Q&A: What is the job market like in the San Francisco Bay Area?

  1. Craziee Panda says:

    In general, San Francisco job market is doing well in this economic climate. It has alot of fortune 500 companies located in the area like Wells Fargo Corp, PG&E, Del Monte, CNET, Gap, Dockers, Levi’s, etc.

    The city also brings in alot of revenue from tourism, professional sporting events, higher education institutions, and the stem cell research center.

    However, if you are looking at government jobs only and the private industry is not an option, then your prospects decrease. State jobs are going through a hiring freeze. In addition, they are going through furloughs. Federal jobs are better with alot more opportunity, but harder to get into since there are so many qualified applicants in SF.

    Good luck.

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